5 Reasons to Make Leather Jewelry + 10 Stylish Leather Jewelry Projects to Tackle the Trend

I bet you’ve heard this before: Leather jewelry is HOT! I see leather jewelry in handmade and art jewelry shops, in fashion magazines, in clothing and accessory stores, on celebrities in movies and on television. Leather jewelry is everywhere, and it seems to be here to stay.

“Leather is soft and supple, and easy to work with, so pair it with pebbles or pearls, you can’t miss!” says Denise Peck, editor in chief of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry magazine. Here are five great reasons to try leather jewelry making.

1. It’s affordable. Leather cord is usually sold in feet or yards, not inches or ounces like metals are. You’ll be free to experiment, try new things, and stretch your creativity when you’re working with materials that cost a few dollars instead of tens or hundreds of dollars. Leather is a great way to stretch your jewelry supply budget by making impactful jewelry without such an impact on your wallet.

Western Influence by Linda Larsen

2. It’s stylish. Depending on what color it is and in what design it’s used, a touch of leather can give a jewelry design a particular feel. Black leather can toughen up a design, even when paired with traditionally ladylike supplies like pearls and crystals. Brown and colored leather can give a fresh Bohemian vibe to designs. Metallic leathers are really appealing and attractive to the eye–they’re tough but pretty, shiny but soft. That kind of contrast can create more interesting, unique jewelry.

Aztec Lure by Raida Disbrow

3. There’s a wide variety available. There are leather and suede cords, braids, and sheets in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. They have natural, colorful, or metallic finishes. I can’t imagine a jewelry design that would call for a leather style that isn’t on the market. I’ve used a wide variety of leather products from specialty leather supplier LeatherCord USA, who offers dozens of leather products (cord, braid, etc.) in dozens of colors, finishes, and sizes.

4. It’s lightweight and durable. I’ve seen so many beautiful artistic metal jewelry designs that make me think, “Wow, that’s awesome!” and then “I bet it weighs a ton!” Leather is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it’s tough and durable, even in fine 1-2mm thick cord.

Leather Loops by Jodi Bombardier

5. It’s available everywhere. You can buy leather jewelry supplies at craft and hobby stores, sure–but you can even get leather lacing and sometimes leather patches at department and discount stores like Target and WalMart. In a pinch, you can even find leather cord/lacing at shoe stores. Plus, for the upcyclers among us, you can find old leather purses and belts at thrift stores that can be broken down and repurposed into jewelry.

Biker and Ballerina by Deborah Gray Wurz
Biker and Ballerina by Deborah Gray Wurz

You’ve got the “why”–now you need the “how”! Whether you’re looking for a fun, affordable new jewelry-making material (leather is!) or you’ve been using leather in your jewelry designs already, you’ll appreciate the stylish and versatile projects in the eBook 10 Super Hot Leather and Wire Jewelry Projects, from the editors of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry.

There’s plenty of leather–but making jewelry with leather is much more than tying good knots. Along with the leather, the book covers other fun jewelry-making techniques and supplies, like wirework, stringing, beads, enamel, metalwork, and glass. If you’re new to jewelry making, you’ll learn so much more than just working with leather in this eBook. You’ll see how to texture and flatten wire, how to anneal metal, how to make clasps, wrap wire, create patinas, and more. “Learn how to finish leather cord with perfect wire ends, or how to lash it together into a fabulous bracelet,” says Denise. Download your copy of the 10 Super Hot Leather and Wire Jewelry Projects eBook and you can be making leather jewelry in minutes!

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