5 Reasons I Love Expanding My Jewelry-Making Skills This Way

Nothing beats taking a class with an expert jewelry artist to master jewelry-making skills. If that’s not possible, online courses are excellent ways to learn and expand your abilities.

But once you’ve got some basic knowledge, it’s time to find your own path and develop the jewelry-making skills that are best for you. When I began this job, I learned so much by reviewing all of the instructional jewelry resources we offer. It surprised me when our project compilation eBooks quickly became a favorite resource.

What Are Project Compilation eBooks?

Think of the number 10. Most of our project compilation eBooks have 10 projects using one technique or theme—like metal clay jewelry making, bezel setting, or gemstone faceting, etc. Each project is complete with step-by-step instructions and photos, provided by the artist who designed the project. Here’s why I love them.

soldering: how to solder rings or a ring band with a micro torch


1. Learn Different Ways from Different Artists

In any project compilation eBook, there are 10 projects that share similar techniques: soldering, sawing, wirework, hammering, etc., depending on what the topic is. Those 10 projects were designed by up to 10 different jewelry artists, who share how they do the steps involved. So you’ll see how up to 10 different artists do common techniques. See how they solder an unusually shaped piece or use a third hand (or avoid using a third hand), for example, and so on. One might use binding wire, one might carve a support channel in their soldering brick, one might use a third hand.

And it’s not just soldering—there are all kinds of techniques that go into projects that various artists do different ways. You wouldn’t believe how many different ways artists use a vise or add patina to metal. Once you’ve seen all their ways, you can try them and discover the ones that work best for you.

Bead Fest demo: heat patina on copper with VersaMark ink and rubber stamps from Ranger Ink by Tammy Jones


2. Affordable with 10 Projects for 10 Bucks!

There are lots of different ways to get jewelry projects (including free!). But in general, digital project downloads in our store are about $4. In project compilation eBooks, you get 10 individual projects for $9.99 plus tax. They’re digital, so there’s no shipping cost. That means they’re about a dollar each. Awesome investment for a lesson in jewelry-making skills!

3. Buy Only What You Like

Project compilation eBooks are created around one technique or theme. So you can purchase only the ones that focus on the jewelry-making skills and projects you want. If you don’t like soldering, you can buy a wire one or one about cold connections. If you love vintage style, you can get 10 vintage-themed projects in a project compilation eBook with bonus filigree instructions. Love making gemstone jewelry? We’ve got that, too.

Sterling silver cuff and jessite cuff bracelet by John F. Heusler

Sterling and Jessite Cuff by John F. Heusler

Do you love stone setting? Making wire rings? Can’t get enough earrings? Love exploring gemstone cutting? There’s a project compilation eBook for you! Get really specific with 10 lampwork glass bead tutorials, 10 alternative metal designs (copper, brass, and bronze), and 10 silver jewelry designs.

Learn how to make wire jewelry in this wire jewelry making advice page.

Looking for something unique? How about 10 holiday projects, 10 gemstones ideal for jewelry making, or 10 cabochon pendants. Maybe you prefer 10 bracelets and 10 more bracelets, bangles, and cuffs. Each just 10 bucks plus tax.

4. Focus on One Jewelry Technique

It’s hard to narrow down our techniques–trust me, I know. But if you want to give it a try, we can help. You can focus on fold-forming jewelry, metal clay jewelry, or easy metal and wire beginner projects with project compilation eBooks.

Can’t get enough wire jewelry making? Try projects that feature wire weavingwire earringswire plus pearlswire bezel making, and wire coils. Plus, of course, wire findings. Take your wire to a new dimension with 10 chain maille jewelry projects as well as 10 chain-making projects.


Double the Fun chain maille and fold formed bracelet by Jennifer Carlson

Double the Fun by Jennifer Carlson

5. Handy and Convenient

Digital products allow you to have unlimited knowledge without filling your studio, bench, or bookshelves (though I love a print book!). Because project compilation eBooks are in PDF format, they’re universally easy to use on all kinds of devices and at all tech skill levels. Plus, printing is easy if you want a hard copy to mark on or refer to at your bench. They’re the easy-going friends of the digital world!

Explore all of our project compilation eBooks and find at least 10 ways to master the jewelry-making skills that interest you! The mixed-media jewelry eBook is one of my favorites.


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Expand your jewelry-making skills tenfold with these project compilation eBooks!

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