3 Projects and Fun Inspiration for Pet Jewelry: Jewelry for Pets and Their Humans!

We love our pets. We buy them the best food and toys, we spend hours playing with them, we refer to them as our "babies." And what better way to celebrate our love of our pets than to combine it with a love of jewelry?

Here you'll find three delightful projects for or inspired by your pet. You can make a lovely pendant engraved with your pet's likeness. Or if you want to "match" your pet, you can make a tag for your cat or dog – and use the same form to make a pendant for yourself. Or you can make a pendant reminiscent of a ball of string – just like the one that entertains your pet for hours.

Use these instructions to make these exact pieces of jewelry – or use them as the inspiration for your own designs, something that you and your pet will love.

My cat Bubba highly recommends them all.

–Karla Rosenbusch
Managing Editor, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

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