14 Cold Connections + 11 Metal Fabrication Techniques + 13 Video Tutorials = One Well-Rounded Metalsmith!

If you've ever taken a jewelry-making class (or a class of any kind, really), you know how valuable it is to have a knowledgeable instructor to guide you and answer questions as you go. Imagine having that same helpful instruction for seven weeks!


Connie Fox has created Master Class: Learn to Work with Sheet Metal and Cold Connections, an info-packed course that covers more than 25 essential metalsmithing techniques. Through "oodles" of pages of clearly written lessons supported by 114 photographs and 13 videos, you'll learn more than two dozen skills that you can use to create just about any metal jewelry you want to make. Learn to measure and cut shapes from metal sheet, add dimension and/or texture to them, file and finish them, and then learn to stack and layer them properly and connect two or more of them using cold connections, including six kinds of rivets, cotter pins, staples, tabs, eyelets, and others. The result? Handcrafted earrings, rings, pendants, and bracelets, all made entirely by your own two hands!


Here's a sneak-peek at the coursework that Connie will cover.

Learn to Work with Sheet Metal and Cold Connections contains more instructional content than you'd find in an average jewelry-making book and DVD combined, with the added help of a live, knowledgeable instructor with many years of experience teaching metal fabrication courses. It has all the benefits of learning in a live course, but you can learn at your own pace. Connie is just an email or Skype chat away. And it's less than $100!


If you've wanted to learn metalsmithing techniques or you already know a bit and want a little professional instruction to move you along, Master Class: Learn to Work with Sheet Metal and Cold Connections is for you. If you're intimidated by using a torch or just prefer not to use one at home, this course is for you, too! The first session of this course sold out three times, so we created a special second session. Don't miss your chance to learn to work with metal and cold connections with Connie Fox!

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