13 Inspiring Ear Wire Designs, The Best Ear Wire Tip Ever, Over 130 Earring Projects, One Ultimate Earring Kit

I was churning out earrings like an elf at the North Pole one afternoon when I ran out of ear wires. After moments of panic, I realized I had plenty of head pins that I could use to make ear wires. Crisis averted!

Now I usually make my own ear wires, from head pins or straight from wire. It’s so quick and easy to do, I can’t think of any reason not to. There are only a few basic requirements for ear wires: they must go through the ear comfortably and easily, they must hang properly and balanced, and they must not fall out. Other than that, look out! There are a limitless number of ear wire design possibilities.

Why Make Your Own Ear Wires?

  • Creating your own ear wires makes each earring you make truly and completely your own and handmade, from end to end.
  • It’s another opportunity to personalize your earring designs and stand out in the market.
  • It’s economical to turn head pins or wire stock into ear wires, especially when you use a time-saving technique like the tutorial below.
  • It’s a fun and easy way to add more style to your earring designs, when all of your fabulousness won’t fit on the dangle!
  • it’s a beginner-friendly but extra special touch that will elevate even an accomplished jewelry maker’s earring designs just a wee bit more.

13 Inspiring Ear Wire Designs

Here are some of my favorite handcrafted ear-wire designs, created by jewelry makers who extend their creativity all the way to the findings. The first two are ones I’ve made, just simple or swirled extra-long ear wires that help give earrings a little extra presence and modern flair.

These six earring designs with unique ear wires are all by Denise Peck, from her five-star-rated book 101 Wire Earrings.


These unusual ear-wire designs caught my eye in Handcrafted Wire Findings. The second one shows that you can make your own post earring designs, as well.

Catherine Chamberlin and Jason Caryl of Simply Catherine inspire me with their unique ear wires, like these three.

Best Ear Wire Tip Ever: Make Perfectly Matched Ear Wires in Minutes

My friend and talented jewelry artist Eleanore Macnish graciously shared this brilliant ear wire tutorial with us, as it was shared with her by her friend Judy Jaramillo.

1. Begin with 4″ of 20-gauge wire. Using round-nose pliers and your hands, grasp the wire in the middle and bend the wire in half. 2. After you squeeze the wire together by hand as best you can, shore up the end with pliers.
3. Grasp the wire at the bent end with round-nose pliers and make a loop. 4. Bend the wire around a Sharpie (or whatever size pen or mandrel you like to use for making ear wires).
5. Grasp both wire ends (at the open end) and cut them evenly with wire nippers/flush cutters. File the wire ends smooth with a nail file or a cup burr. 6. Using round-nose pliers, bend out the ends of the ear wires just a bit. (This little bend creates balance and also helps keep them in your ears without a back or closure.)
7. When you’re ready to use the ear wires, bend the end loop out a little and cut off the tip of the loop. 8. Using round-nose pliers, bend the loop closed again on each ear wire.


Yay! You’ve just made a perfectly matched pair of ear wires in minutes. If you’re making several ear wire sets at once, Eleanore recommends stopping at Step 6 and keeping them attached until you need them. Then you can cut off the rounded wire ends when you’re ready to turn the looped wire into perfect ear wires.

Remember, if you have head pins or wire, you have handmade ear wires. Add a little creativity and you have fabulous ear wires worthy of your earring designs!

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