More Than 100 Reasons to Master Wire Weaving with Sarah Thompson

When an author writes more than one book, you might wonder whether or not you really need all their books. If you’re a book lover like me (okay, maybe it’s leaning more towards book hoarder at this point), there’s no question there. Of course you need all the books! Most publishers aren’t in the habit of producing the same book twice. There are always really unique qualities to each new book. That’s the case when it comes to Sarah Thompson’s pair of wire weaving books.

Each of Sarah’s books has a lot to offer on their own. Her first, Fine Art Wire Weaving, is a great introductory guide to wire weaving. It walks you step-by-step through every thing you need to know to weave your first woven wire project. Following that, Woven in Wire takes things to the next level. It super charges your foundation skills and shows you how to sculpt and transform wire in stunning ways.

Sure, you could just have one book or the other, but I have some pretty compelling reasons you need both. And with Sarah Thompson at the helm, you’ll be a wire-weaving master by the end.

50+ Techniques

Fine Art Wire Weaving and Woven in Wire pack in a lot of wire techniques. From how to handle wire to reduce hand fatigue to making your own headpins, the basics are covered. Plus, with such a strong focus on wire weaving specifically, these books dive deep into how-to techniques for shaping woven wires. Where else will you learn the art of both pointed and rounded ruffle to edge a woven design? Or, how to achieve perfect symmetry? The answer is, only in these books by Sarah Thompson.

wire weaving and other jewelry-making techniques with Sarah Thompson

Countless Wire Tips

I tried to go through both Sarah’s books to count up each and every tip she shares, but I simply couldn’t keep track. There are so many in each book! In Fine Art Wire Weaving, tips remind you of the importance of precision cutting and how to weave in tight spaces. Woven in Wire has tips for keeping track of wires in complex designs and how to avoid bunching as you shape. While many tips are specific to particular projects, they work to improve your skills in an invaluable way. They apply to not only the project you’re making but also any project you make in the future.

30 Wire Weaving Projects

Unlike counting tips, this was an easy thing to get a definitive number on. Combined, these two books have 30 projects! That’s a whole lot of wire weaving waiting to happen. Broken down, the collection of 30 projects is made up of:

  • 7 pairs of earrings
  • 3 rings
  • 7 bracelets
  • 9 pendants
  • 3 necklaces
  • 1 gorgeous clasp

That one gorgeous clasp can be found in Woven in Wire. The Tempest clasp isn’t a traditional clasp worn at the back of the neck. It’s worn front and center as a focal piece not unlike a lariat.

wire weaving projects with Sarah Thompson

23 Extra Variations

As if 30 projects weren’t a huge value alone, Sarah also shares inspiring variations of many of the projects. There are more than 20 variations scattered through the books showing how you can turn an earring component into a pendant; how changing materials from copper to silver, and vice versa, affects to finished look; or how dangles can bring a bit of sparkle to a design. And that’s just to name a few.

I could go on adding more reasons you need to learn to master wire weaving with Sarah’s books. If the more than 100 reasons I just shared aren’t enough to convince you, let us know in the comments below!

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

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Learn to master wire weaving with author Sarah Thompson!

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