10 Things to Love About Bracelets and Our New Everyday Bracelets eMag


Do you ever get the feeling that the universe has you bugged? Not in a conspiracy theory sort of way, but just in an "Oh yeah? Well watch this!" sort of way? Because just a few weeks after I wrote about bracelets being mostly special-occasion jewelry for me personally, here comes our fab new eMag, Everyday Bracelets, to convert me. Now I'm noticing bracelets in stores and on people, making bracelets instead of necklaces (and even rings, gasp!), and even being intrigued by cuff bracelets, which I've never worn.

Everyday Bracelets editor Danielle Fox loves bracelets, too!

And I know exactly why. Everyday Bracelets is so cool! And fun, and clever, and interactive, and inspiring. It even feels sunny and fresh and summery to me, if an eMag can be those things. Here's why I love it (and now, bracelets)–and why you will love Everyday Bracelets, too.

1. My favorite thing about bracelets in general is this: They jingle! When I wear my own charm bracelet, I find myself wiggling my wrist sometimes, just to hear the jingling that all those memories make when they tinkle together.

2. Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine Editor-in-Chief Merle White pointed this one out to me recently: Other than rings (and perhaps some long necklaces), bracelets are a piece of jewelry that you can actually see on yourself while you're wearing them. That makes them as enjoyable for you as for the people you encounter!


3. In the video Q&A section, beading and jewelry-making experts such as Tamara Honaman answer your questions about wire cutters, Memory Wire, affordable gemstones, and more.

Jamie Hogsett shares her favorite bracelet design.

4. The Wrist Watch gallery features inspiring favorite bracelet designs from top designers that you know and love, including Katie Hacker, Candie Cooper, and Jamie Hogsett, to name just a few. Fun video bonus: You can click on the little "Play" arrow icon in the top left corner of some of the bracelet images and watch a video of the designer explaining the story behind their favorite bracelet.

5. The Bracelet Boogie and the Bracelet Bunch. (You'll just have to get Everyday Bracelets and see what I mean!)


6. Interweave author, Beaducation founder, and jewelry instructor extraordinaire Lisa Niven Kelly's six video tips for stamping success provide a mini class on popular metal stamping techniques.


7. Visual, interactive resource guides show you a photo of the supplies used in each bracelet project so there's no confusion (Is that the amethyst or the fluorite round bead? Is that 5mm or 6mm?), and contact information to buy each piece (including a hot link to its website) is right there with the photo.

8. I love the drag-and-turn photos for 360-degree views of every piece of jewelry featured in the eMag.


9. Who doesn't love new beads and jewelry-making supplies? In 10 Favorite Finds, you'll find the latest must-have supplies to hit the jewelry-making and beading industries, including Jill MacKay's leather bracelets with suede and screw-on silver embellishments and Beadaholique's colorful enamel-coated aluminum chain.


10. Everyday Bracelets has fourteen how-to beaded and wirework bracelet projects grouped in fresh, fun, themed categories such as Beachy Keen, Garden Cottage, and County Fair. All of the projects in each theme are unique but coordinated, which makes it easy to create bracelets to layer and wear together later, and if you sell your jewelry, the coordinated designs will create a pleasing, cohesive shop display for buyers.

There are many more great things to love about Everyday Bracelets, but I can't give away all the secrets! You'll love all the cool interactive features packed in Everyday Bracelets: Videos are embedded on nearly every page to share a tip, tale, or technique; designer bios and materials lists appear and disappear with the click of a mouse; links to resources and designer websites are ready and waiting, making browsing and shopping a breeze; and project photos are displayed in slideshow format to cut down on the scroll.

It's not all bells and whistles, though; each pretty bracelet project includes easy-to-follow instructions, step-by-step photos, downloadable project sheets, and video tips all cleverly displayed on one screen. I can't remember when I've had this much fun with a jewelry-making resource! Don't wait another minute; download your own issue of Everyday Bracelets (and for Mac) and enjoy it along with me! 

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