Zola Bulky Stacked Shell Cowl


Lorene Eppolite


I absolutely love bulky crochet apparel.  One of my favorite bulky items are cowls.  I love to snuggle up and cuddle in them on frisky fall days.  I prefer to have a warm and cozy cowl then a jacked or coat.  Its much more fashionable and comfortable for me!  Plus I get to showcase something that I made.  I find I make the most amount of sales when I wear my cre8tions around town.  People are always stopping to ask me where I got something I (or my kids) are wearing.  I take that opportunity to hand out my card and hopefully get a few orders.  I can’t wait to wear this one out and about, well actually… I can.  I’m enjoying the summer too much right now.

This bulky cowl is super simple to make.  Its front post triple crochet and stacked 3dc shells give it a much more intricate look than the  pattern really is.  I made this cowl in nearly 5 hours.  It is such a simple pattern to follow that you can do it while relaxing on the couch and watching tv for a few nights.

I love the versatility in this pattern.  It can be worn as a regular cowl, a hooded cowl or even as a shrug.   Another thing I love about this cowl is that it is made with regular worsted weight material, so its not heavy like it would be if it were made with a bulky weight yarn.

Materials List

Red heart super saver either (2) 7oz skeins or (1) 14oz skein
6.0 (J) hook
embroidery needle to weave in ends

Finished Size



no gauge


The fptc rounds in this pattern are 100sts.  The stacked shells are 99sts.  The pattern has one decrease st and one increase st.  The will occur in the hdc row between the front post rounds and the shell rounds and are included in the pattern.

A lot of people have asked about keeping the starting chain from twisting.  The way I do it is I pull up and make the last loop of the chain a little longer… pull the hook out and then I hold the chain in one had… grab it between the thumb and forefinger with my other hand and follow it all the way down (one side of the chain is “bumpier” than the other so I pay attention to the way it feels. Then I lay the loop (that I made larger, the last st of the chain) and lay it on top of the first st in the chain. I put the hook back in (front to back) and then yarn over and pull through the stitches.

Pay attention as you crochet around, making sure you are always keeping the “bumpy” side out. Just make sue you are on the right track before you sl st to join the round. A lot of times you can correct it if you are wrong, just twist it BEFORE you do the sl st. Hope this helps.

The Pattern


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