Zill (Finger Cymbal) Muffs


E. Hannaford


I am a bellydancer and was using baby socks as muffs for my zills (finger cymbals). I needed something that fit more snug and is more appealing to look at. These muffs will protect your zills and muff the ring which allows you to practice with them without bothering family and pets.

You may change this pattern to fit your needs. I experimented until it worked for me. I am a novice at crochet. This is also my first written pattern.

Materials List

Medium weight, worsted yarn (I used left overs).

Size H (5.00m) hook.

Finished Size

This pattern will fit Medium size zills, such as Saroyan, Nefertiti MC-100, approx. 2-1/16″ (pictured here).


Muffs will be stretchy, gauge is not really important


Ch=chain stitch
St= stitch
Sc=single crochet
Dc=double crochet
Tc=triple crochet
Yo=yarn over

Tog= working together 2st into one. Put hook through 1st st, yo and pull through. Put hook through next st, yo and pull through. You now have 3 loops on your hook. Now yo and pull through the first 2 loops, leaving 2 loops on hook. Yo again and pull through remaining 2 loops, leaving 1 loop on hook.

The Pattern

Pattern (make 4):

Make an adjustable loop with 6 ch. (I used the magic ring found here- http://crochetme.com/amigurumi-double-ring).

Round 1 – 2sc in each ch, (you will then have 12st).

Round 2 – ch 3 (counts as 1st tc), starting in 1st st from the 3ch you just made *tc in 1st st, 2tc in next st.* Repeat steps between ** all the way around. (you will end with 19st including the 1st ch).

Round 3 – ch 1, {tog into the next 2st, then dc into each of the next 2st}. Repeat steps between {} all the way around, stopping before the last dc. (you will end with 14st).

Finishing – slip stitch into the next st, tie off and trim.

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