Zig Zag Zoom Bottle Cozy


Tamara Kelly


School started back up, and my oldest needed a new cozy for her water bottle. So I broke out the mighty hook, of course! While I had a stainless steel water bottle in mind, I soon discovered that this pattern fits a standard size wine or liquor bottle just as well, making it a great wine gift bag for the holidays! And it works up in an afternoon – perfect for last minute invites (and the last night before school starts…) ZOOM!

Materials List

  • US – H, 5.00 mm hook
  • 150 yards or less of worsted weight yarn, in as many colors as desired (cotton odds and ends shown, from a variety of manufacturers)

Finished Size

Fits a standard size stainless steel or aluminum water bottle, or a standard size wine or liquor bottle!


This pattern can be worked in as many as 17 different colors! The rainbow version in the pictures uses 17 different colors and at least 3 different brands of cotton and cotton blend yarns. The purple version uses just 3 colors of cotton yarn. This makes it a great pattern for using up tons of odds and ends – you don’t need more than a few yards to make each stripe!

The Pattern

For the full pattern instructions, visit moogly’s Zig Zag Zoom Bottle Cozy!

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