Zebra Multi-color "Armies" (wrist-warmer)


This is my first attempt at writing out a pattern, and it’s something I created myself. these easy “armies” can be made in 30-40 min per pair. It’s kind of a wrist warmer thingy that are all the rage right now.

Materials List

Hook- 5.5mm, size I-9
Red Heart Super saver yarn in multi color. ( I used color 0932 Zebra ART. E300)

I didn’t measure amount but it’s not that much, I made 2 pairs from one skein and still have a ton left.

Finished Size

Varies if you want it longer add more rows.


doesn’t really matter


st= stitch
slp st = slip stitch
hdc= half- double crochet

dbl= double crochet

The Pattern

Ok Here we go!

Chain 20 (or to fit your arm size, measure chain around your arm about 4-5 in. from your wrist)

Row 1: Slp st into first ch to form a circle, careful not to twist, ch 1 (counts as first hdc). Hdc in each ch (19 sts) slp st into ch 1.

Row 2: Ch 2 (counts first dbl) Dbl in each hdc around, slp st into top of ch 2.

Row 3-8: Repeat rows 1 and 2 alternately ending with a Dbl crochet row.

Row 9: (thumb hole rows) Ch 1 Hdc in each st around, (19 st), ch 2, turn.

Row 10: Dbl in each st around, ch 1, turn

Row 11: Hdc in each st around, slp st into ch 1 to join.

Row 12-13: Ch 1, hdc in each st around, slp st into ch 1. Finish off, weave in ends.

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