You-made-it Backpack


by Elijah K.


This backpack is worked in hdc for density.

Materials List

Lightweight yarn, chunky weight
6.5 mm hook, size K or 10 1/2
2 buttons

Yarn needle

Finished Size

about 30 cm high



The Pattern

Chain a comfortable width.
Tch of 2, hdc until the swatch is 80 cm long. Place markers at 35 cm and 70 cm.
Chain enough to fit snugly over and around the button, sl st in st below and across row, ch same number, assuming you are using the same kind of button, and sl st in last sl st.

Tie off end.

Chain 5 cm less than the width of the main body.
Tch of 2, hdc until the swatch is 15 cm tall.

Tie off end.

Chain 5, tch of 4, tr until straps are 45 to 50 cm long. Make two. Tie off ends.

Fold main body at the 35 cm mark, so that the end without loops matches the 70 cm mark. Sew up the sides with blanket stitch, leaving the section from 70 cm to the end with loops as a flap.

Sew on straps on back, sew on smaller swatch as a front pocket, and sew on buttons to match up with the loops.

Weave in all the ends, and there you go, wear it to school, work, anywhere that you need to carry things to!

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