You Can Never Have Too Many Crochet Tools

Just like you can never have too much jewelry (or yarn), you can never have too many crochet tools. With each crochet technique I learn, I collect a few more tools. Some aren't necessary but make life easier—like stitch counters; you can just mark it on a piece of paper, that little tool has saved me many a precious crochet minute. Many tools are just plain cool!

My crochet projects for the spring are quickly building, and I feel the need to outfit myself, adding a few more handy tools to my collection.

First I need more tapestry needles. I know I have several but they keep disappearing. A handy case in which to keep your needles is, I find, essential. I have been known to use Tic Tac containers to keep my needles corralled. The Crochet Dude's new set come in their own handy cylinder. A definite plus!
Next on my list are Yarn Talkers. I have a bin at home of "random" yarn. These balls or skeins have become separated from their ball bands, and I am not sure of their fiber content. Usually I can recognize at a glance what a particular yarn is made from. But some of the great new combination yarns can be a little tricky. If I determine what a yarn's content or name is, these handy tools can take the place of the yarn band.
And to complete my "talking" set, I will have to pick up a set of Project Talkers. Much like the Yarn Talkers, these are identifiers. Use them to mark decreases, left or right (very helpful when working the back of a garment), front, and more.
Finally, I think I'll pick up a pair of Pom Pom makers for a special project I have in mind. As a child I hated Pom Poms because I was always short for my age, and other children could not resist the urge to slap the pom pom on top of my hat every time I passed. Since then I have seen several adorable examples of using pompoms on the ends of scarves or earflaps. This I have to try.

Oh, one more! I think I might need a hairpin lace tool. Yes, you can never have too many tools.

Best wishes,

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