You Can Do It! Two-Color Tunisian Crochet In-the-Round

I realize how daunting Two-Color Tunisian Crochet In-the-Round must sound to someone who has little to no experience with Tunisian crochet. Images of tangled strands of yarn attached to various parts of your project; long, double ended hooks; two colors at one time; I can see where this is going in your mind.

This is how I also felt before I sat down to watch Lily Chin’s video. I was pleased to discover that she starts with the very basics. What kind of hook do I need? How can I differentiate between the two ends of the hook without confusion? How should I hold the yarn? All of these were answered clearly, with full instruction.

Lily’s repetition and passion for the subject really kept my attention. I am the kind of person who needs to see things a few times before I feel confident on my own. Lily slowed down and repeated the stitches several times, even with the basic Tunisian Simple Stitch, or TSS. Of course, I could also rewind the segment if I needed to.

As I began to feel more confident with my stitches, I wondered about all the different projects I could make with this stitch. Lily inspired me with beautiful sweaters and assured me I could make these projects with a little confidence and practice. I was especially fascinated by how easy it is to use multiple colors and stitches in each round with this technique. I found myself planning how I could create holiday gifts around my new Tunisian crochet skills.

Since Lily presents each new technique as a baby step from something you’ve already learned, it really is possible to go from knowing little to nothing about Tunisian crochet to completing the two-color, textured cowl included in the video. It is a great starter project and perfect for the fall season. Once you learn a few stitches, you’ll be off and running in no time.

Download Two-Color Tunisian Crochet In-the-Round with Lily Chin!

Happy Crocheting!


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