Yoshi Character Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern




Got to love Yoshi. I designed this crochet character hat pattern for this Yoshi hat for my nephews to wear with the set of Mario Brothers beanies I also made for them in this latest batch of fun hats. I would say it’s advanced beginner but I had a friend that is relatively new to crochet try it out and she had no problem so even if you are new to crochet, give it a shot.

Materials List

Light Bright Green Yarn for Beanie Hat main color and nose/snout- (I use a lot of Red Heart Saver yarn but any medium to normal weight yarn will do)
Black Yarn for eye pupils
White yarn for eye whites and cheek areas
Red Yarn for spikes
“J” hook (6.0 mm)
Scissors or Yarn Cutter
Blunt large eye yarn / tapestry needle to weave in ends
Small amount of fiberfill stuffing for nose/snout


Advanced beginner friendly pattern worked in the round

The Pattern

Worked in the round

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