Yellow Rose Fiber Producers Fiesta

I spoke with Karla, organizer and leader of the amazing team behind the Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta. Karla prides herself on featuring local fiber producers and creating a safe and friendly environment for enthusiasts to gather and share their love for the fiber arts. This is a fun, family event where you can learn new skills from local industry leaders and uncover the mysteries of producing fiber from some of Texas’s leading farms. Make sure to stop by and tell Karla, “Hi” from Interweave!

Gus: Tell me about the history of the Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta?

Karla: We started Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta over 7 years ago because there was a need for fiber producers to showcase their products and for enthusiasts to have an outlet to see, touch, and bond with like-minded people in the great state of Texas. When we started Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta there was only two other shows in Texas. I wanted to create a clean, comfortable, friendly place where people could meet other fiber enthusiasts and learn new skills.


Charlene Steele of Kid Kat Ranch, shopper Dawn Wells, and Dawn Brown of Independence Fiber Mill. Photo by Jeff Herre.

Gus: Pretend you talking to someone who has never been to your fiber festival, what would you highlight as your “WOW” attractions?

Karla: I would say my “WOW” attractions are the friendliness of the vendors and the vendors’ willingness to share all their knowledge. I try to have a good selection of vendors at my show so participants can see and feel fibers that they may not have otherwise known about. We select our vendors from local fiber producers and hometown-type companies, not big name national yarn stores.

Stacey Blanton of Brazen Stitchery and her helper Penny Yeager. Photo by Joe Herre.

Gus: What are your biggest festival do’s and don’ts for enjoying your fiber festival?


Plan on spending some time at the show. Don’t just “run” through. The vendors have lots of information to share and are excited to talk to the attendees.

Try to take at least one class. It is a great way to meet other fiberholics.

Bring your spinning wheel, knitting or crochet projects. There is always a place to sit and network with like-minded folks, meet and make friends, and exchange ideas.

Bring your children! It is a great way to involve them in the craft. But don’t let them run wild or touch the products. Many things are breakable and the vendors have taken special care to get them there.

Be sensitive and respectful to the vendors who have spent countless hours preparing for the show. Their least favorite thing is when fiber fan approaches, takes a photo of a project on display and talks about making the item themselves… then walks away.


Don’t miss it!

Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta

950 South Austin St.
Seguin TX, 78155

Friday April 21st 11:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday April 22nd 9:00am – 5:00pm
Admission: FREE

What Will You Make With All That Fiber?

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