Year Round Crochet Afghans

Some evenings I can almost feel the crisp bite of spring. It leaves me longing to pull out my yarn and begin a cozy crocheted afghan. Then the heat returns, and I can’t imagine a growing crochet afghan across my lap.

Thousands of crocheters create afghans during even the hottest months, so what is their secret? By looking at an afghans construction and carefully choosing the correct yarn, you can find the perfect pattern to crochet any month of the year.

Yarn Choice

Turtle Tracks crochet blanket by Lisa Naskrent |

Turtle Tracks Blanket by Lisa Naskrent

When choosing the perfect yarn for your afghan, there are several things to think about. I prefer napping under a blanket regardless of the temperature, so I love afghans that are crocheted out of cotton. They are perfect for a warm summer evening or cool fall afternoon. Because I crochet with cotton frequently, I have an ever growing stash of partial skeins looking for the perfect project.

Afghans require many skeins of yarn, so crocheters often turn acrylic yarns for large designs. Choose a soft yarn that will wear well. We used a beautiful acrylic afghan made by my great-grandmother for many years, and it is still in good condition.

Moorish Mosaic Afghan by Lisa Naskrent

Moorish Mosaic Afghan by Lisa Naskrent

Acrylic yarns are also a great choice for year-round use.Superwash wool is an excellent choice for a warm afghan. This yarn has the advantage of being incredibly warm and many superwash wool yarns are beautifully soft, making it a perfect choice for baby and children’s blankets. All three of these yarns are also easy to care for, an important point if you are going to crochet an afghan that will get plenty of use.


Many people refuse to crochet afghans in the summer because they don’t like the weight and warmth of the growing piece on their laps. That growing size can also be difficult to pack and carry when you are travelling.

Motif afghans are a perfect choice for warm-weather crochet. The individual motifs are small and portable. You can join them as you go or spend a pleasant afternoon seaming all of the individual pieces together in the perfect order.

Tunisian crochet pattern by Rhonda Davis

Mulled Spices Afghan by Rhonda Davis

Of course, a blanket worked in stripes or another solid design is a wonderfully warm option for cold winter months. Simply drape the blanket over your lap; the afghan will continue to grow, covering more of your lap, as the months get colder.Cotton, acrylic, or wool, stripes, cables, or motifs, whether you are looking for a portable project or design that will keep you warm while you crochet, visit the Crochet Me Shop for the perfect crochet afghan pattern.

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