Make This Year the Year of Finished Crochet Projects

Every year, many of us resolve to make changes in our lives. Some people decide to eat healthier, while others decide to learn something new. Still others go against the flow and choose not to resolve anything at all. No matter which camp we start in, it seems that by February most of us end up in the last group, having abandoned our good intentions for whatever reason. While this may be the case for some, if you’re a crafter like me, who has more UFOs (unfinished objects) than she can count, and one of your resolutions is “Finish one crochet project before beginning a new one,” we have something that might help!

Who knows why we put off finishing our crochet projects? Perhaps we hate weaving in the ends or we don’t want to block the pieces. Well, no matter your reason, Crochet Finishing Techniques, with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, may give you the impetus to pull out your yarn needle. This workshop will teach the following:

• Three different methods for blocking garment pieces, as well as when to use each one.
• Mastery of sewing garment pieces together invisibly, no matter the shape or stitch pattern.

crochet seam closeup

Masterful seams in the Dashing Cardigan CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

• How to pin your garment pieces so they fit together perfectly.
• Fearless zipper addition.
• An understanding of how to ease in collars and sleeves so they fit without bunching or gathering.

crochet collar easing

Collar placement in the Perrault Pullover CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

In this workshop, Shannon will show you how to give your crochet projects a professional-looking finesse. Check it out and learn how to take your finishing to the next level so people will notice your garments, not how you put them together.

Join me in resolving to finish at least a few UFO crochet projects this year!

Happy Stitching!

Top photo: CREDIT: Breakingpic/Pexels

Resolve to finish your UFO crochet projects!

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