Yarnshaming: Can You Relate?

Dog owners love to post stories about canine mishaps—complete with pictures—on the website www.dogshaming.com. We think knitters and crocheters should jump in on the action too! Meet the staff at Interweave who are big enough to own up to their mistakes. (And then imagine the stories of our coworkers! Either they never do anything wrong, or their stories are too lurid for the Internet. Yeah, we’re trying to shame them into participating next time!)


Andrea and Dana B. tell a sad tale: they worked directly from an unwound hank, stuffed the project in a purse, then spent several days un-tangling the hankenstein. #honkifyoulovehank #whywind #hankhubris


Sara frogged fluffy white rug while drinking coffee. She got coffee all over the yarn and white fibers in coffee mug. #somuchfuzz #undrinkablerug #whynotusebrownyarn


Anne got locked in a yarn shop working on a sample at closing time. #sorrynotsorry #happytostayovernight #happytostayforever #isleepwithyarn


Deb picked up stitches for a sleeve with the sweater inside-out, and didn’t start over, so she had to make the 2nd sleeve inside-out too. #oopsie #2x2ribwhocantell #perfectionisboring #defiantlyproud


Dana B. started to knit a hat in November and by May, she’d only completed 5″. #slowcloth #speedainteverything #winteriscoming #winterisover


Dana D. printed a crochet doily pattern but didn’t pick up all the pages from the printer. She finished and blocked doily before realizing that she’d skipped 3 rows. #epicfail #checkyourwork
#onlyacrocheterwouldnotice #beautifulfail


Deb couldn’t spot the #epicfail on Dana’s doily picture and asked if it was one of the pins! #duh #yarnderp #knitternotcrocheter #itlooksallrighttome


Anne, Sara, and Deb all confessed to the same crime of passion: we use lousy yarn for gifts & keep the good stuff for ourselves. Allison, another accomplice, was too filled with shame to participate in the photo. #wedeserveit #makeyourownstuffpeople #nosuchthingasbadyarn #selfishstitchers #yarnsbeforefriends

Note: We were all holding “good stuff” in this photo. Sara’s Ghost Ranch Shawlette is made with Freia Ombre Fingering Yarn, a single-ply merino that distinguishes itself with next-to-skin softness.

Don’t be afraid to share your Yarnshame – you are not alone!


There’s Always Another Project



  1. Gari L S at 8:12 am June 30, 2017

    What is the pattern for the lovely purple sweater that one of the ladies is wearing? Thanks.

  2. Deb G at 8:57 am June 30, 2017

    Gari, I think you mean me, the grey-haired woman. You can see the pattern info on my Ravelry page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/IamSherLOKed2/v-line

  3. Gaye G at 10:00 am June 30, 2017

    LOL I love it Yarnshaming! I am going to run with this on my Facebook page!

  4. Barbara H at 10:53 am June 30, 2017

    How about being so engrossed in watching a movie that you sewed a sleeve into the neckline of your sweater…. Didn’t realize it till it was all done but thankfully I hadn’t weave the ends in yet. It did look odd when I held it up and looked at it.

  5. J P at 2:07 pm June 30, 2017

    The hat that you started in November….I must have knit a similar pattern or the same. It took forever. I used sock yarn. It was a beanie pattern. After about 4 inches, I frogged it.

  6. Jean M at 3:17 pm June 30, 2017

    knit on lace yarn a lovely back and front of a lacy sweater and then procrastinated about doing the sleeves. Took it out recently to tackle the sleeves and noticed that moths had eaten holes in the left hand corner of the front.s Now need to figure out how to repair. groan

  7. Heidi G at 7:20 am July 1, 2017

    Spilled a small drip of coffee on a knitted and blocked pair of white socks for my sister who specially requested white. I dabbed a bleach pen on the spot (I can hear your groans) turning the yarn permanently yellow. I had to bleach both socks and give my sister yellow socks instead. #neverknittingsocksagain #whywhite #dontbleachyouryarn #usevinegarinstead

  8. Melissa S at 8:05 am July 1, 2017

    Oy! I’ve no shame… my first pair of socks were a disaster – 2 different sizes. Second pair were no better… first sock kitchenered top to bottom instead of side to side. Second sock never made. I’ve gotten much better since, but socks are not my favorite thing to knit.

  9. Amy W at 3:47 am July 3, 2017

    I started a temperature blanket for 2017. It is July 1st and I have only knit through January.

  10. Eve W at 6:59 am July 3, 2017

    I offered to knit a dog coat for a friend’s poorly Springer Spaniel, startitis then occurred and by the time I had finished the dog was better and no longer needed the coat! Best bit is that it won’t fit any of my own dogs, so I made myself feel virtuous by donating it to a local dog charity #polishingmyhalo

  11. Nina H at 7:50 am July 3, 2017

    I gave away more than half of my yarn because I simply ran out of room… and nerves. And then my local yarn store had their annual sale…

    *whispering* I ended up with more yarn than I had to begin with…

  12. Judy P at 1:01 pm July 6, 2017

    My first sweater, I was a teen who was certain I knew how to knit perfectly even stitches. The scarf I had knit before that fit just great so I skipped the swatch. I knit the whole thing, even sewing it all together, weaving in the ends. Then I tried to put it on….

  13. Jennifer D at 4:22 pm July 6, 2017

    This is the funniest thing I have read in ages!

    Here’s mine:

    After vowing to finish all my WIPs before casting on anything new, I:

    1. decided I could cast on something new if I finished a WIP of the same type.

    2. before finishing either of my sweater WIPs, I cast on a sweater.

    3. before finishing any of the multitude of socks I have on the go, I cast on a new sock.

    4. my rationale for 3 was that none of the other socks are in a good place for travel knitting (heel turns, too close to the heel turn, toe increases, one is lace).

    5. this rationale was completely bogus as I cast on the new sock (on DPNs) in a moving vehicle.

    6. I also cast on a baby hat (but it’s a gift! had to be done!)

  14. Jennifer M at 6:51 pm July 23, 2017

    I once knitted a fair isle sweater for my husband in the round and was concentrating so hard on the pattern that I forgot to leave holes for the arms! It was a tube up to the neckline! I solved it by using a cut and sew method and it turned out great. I wouldn’t have had the courage to try cutting it otherwise but I wasn’t going to rip out 12 inches of painstaking fair isle.

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