Yarn Substitution in Crochet

(To the tune of “Jingle Bells”) “Sub that yarn. Sub that yarn. Find one you like more.” If you like to use yarns other than those recommended by the pattern but aren’t always sure how to choose, Yarn Substitution in Crochet is the course for you. In it, Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, one-half of the design duo The Shibaguyz, goes through every aspect of yarn substitutions—from yarn weights to WPI (wraps per inch) to swatches to yarn math. If you want to learn how to modify your projects, this is the course for you.

Understanding Yarn

Beginning with yarn weights, Shannon shows you how to read a ball band, then tells you how to decide whether one yarn can be substituted for another. If the ball band of the yarn you’ve chosen doesn’t have all the necessary information, such as the fiber content or the weight, Shannon shows you how to figure out the weight using the WPI, or wraps per inch, method. The class also includes a downloadable chart you can use as an easy reference to help you make excellent substitutions.

Elements of Crochet Fabrics

Once you’ve decided on your yarn, perhaps you’ll decide to switch up the stitch. No worries! Shannon covers everything from which stitches he uses when he’s swatching to how to compare yarns. He even shows some of his own swatches so you can see how a certain yarn looks with different hook sizes and stitch patterns. As an added perk, you’ll receive instructions and stitch charts for Shannon’s preferred practice stitch patterns so you can work the same swatch types that he does.

Swatch and compare

Swatch and compare.

Yarn Substitution Math

Have you ever been uncertain about the amount of yarn you need for a pattern or decided to make some major pattern and yarn modifications? If so, this course has all the necessary information, including worksheets, to help you determine how much yarn you’ll need. Shannon will show you how to use math, your swatch, and a schematic to calculate how much yarn your project requires.

Figure it out!

In essence, if you’ve ever wanted to modify a project in any way, shape, or form, you’ll want to take this course. Everything you need to know is laid out and explained with precision and detail so you won’t have any questions when you’re done. And, even better, if you do have questions, you can watch this download over and over again! Also, be sure to check out all of Shannon’s videos and patterns on interweave.com.

Happy stitching and substituting!

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