Yarn Spotlight Winter 2015: Go Big!

In the Winter 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet, we explore yarns so chubby that you have to pull out the big hooks to wrangle with them. To see how they get along with those big hooks, we made a bundle of blooms.

{The pattern is the Twirl Center Rose (page 116) from Crochet Garden by Suzann Thompson. btw, Suzann will be joining us in the Spring 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet, sharing her charm crochet technique to create a gorgeous dogwood scarf. Don't miss it!}

Here is an array of flowers worked in all the yarns so you can see their relative sizes.
Yarn: Tahki Montana

Hook: 17 (12mm)

This toothy yarn, made of unprocessed wool roving in natural shades, is slightly thick-and-thin and the single is slightly rounded. It shows great stitch definition, with a slight halo. If you must pull it back, do so with care, so the single doesn't shred.

Perfect for: a wintry accessory or fabulous felted slippers


Yarn: Universal Yarn Classic Shades Big Time

Hook:  15 (10 mm)

This acrylic / wool blend yarn is slightly slick yarn with occasional bursts of superduperthick fiber. It has little twist, so ravel gently if you must.

Perfect for: a scarf or a kids sweater


Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Magna

Hook:  17 (12 mm)

This yarn is so floofy, it's like crocheting a cloud. Its chainette construction ensures good stitch definition, and it is such a pleasure to handle that you will be done with your new warm accessory in no time.

Perfect for: A hat in a flash.

Yarn: Spud & Chloe Outer

Hook:  N-15 (10 mm)

This soft, squishy yarn is a joy to crochet. The plies add dimension to the stitches, creating an almost mysterious fabric.

Perfect for: A fast, cherished baby blanket.

Yarn: Cascade Magnum

Hook:  19 (15 mm)

This yarn has a soothing roundness that is lovely in the hand. It's something like crocheting a tube. The fiber squishes easily when you crochet, then fluffs right back into roundness. The resulting fabric is sturdy but squishy. (Don't tell the other yarns, but this is my fave.)

Perfect for: A doily-style rug that greets your feet first thing in the morning.

Yarn: Madelinetosh A.S.A.P.

Hook:  N/15 (10 mm)

This sproingy superwash merino yarn is a single with a visible twist and a slight sheen. It has great drape and a slight slickness.

Perfect for: A fabulous lacy bolero or oversized scarf

Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Toboggan

Hook:  13 (9 mm)

This blend of merino and alpaca yields a soft, stable fabric that warms you up just looking at it—imagine how toasty you'll be when you wear it!

Perfect for: A toboggan, of course. With a pompom.

Yarn: The Fibre Company Tundra

Hook:  10.5 (6.5 mm)

This yarn is the least chubby of the lot—more big-boned, really, and with a terrific personality! The blend of alpaca, wool and silk yields a fabric that is stable and soft, with a slight sheen. It has great stitch definition and really wants to be a garment.

Perfect for: a cabled sweater or hoodie.

Now, the goal is to turn a pile of these flowers into a coverlet. Or a shawl. Or a snood.
Just as soon as I can make up my mind.

Meanwhile, dive into any one of these chubby yarns and whip up a crocheted delight this winter.

Happy crocheting!

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