Yarn Spotlight: Variegated Johanne


Variegated yarns are wonderful to work with. No matter the project, this colorful project foundation somehow makes me happier than working with solids. Changing colors without having to change yarns? Yes, please.


For Crocheters: Chestnut Wrap

When I’m working a project in variegated yarn, I’m always interested to see how it’s going to work up. Will it stripe? Will the colors pool? It’s always a mystery as to how it might turn out, leaving a pleasant surprise for you when your project reaches the finish line.

I’ve worked with a lot of these color-inspired yarns, and one of my favorites is Johanne from Plymouth Yarn. Part of Plymouth’s Cape Town Collection, Johanne is a vibrant, single-ply yarn that is hand-dyed. Coming in eleven hues, it is a DK-weight wool, acrylic, and mohair blend. I am trying to plan my projects so that I can try every one of them out. And with 327 yards (100 grams) to the hank, it probably won’t take too many to create something beautiful.


For Knitters: Barnard Raglan

Whether you want to create a garment or an accessory, Johanne is a great option. If you’re a knitter, you could use it to make the lovely Barnard Raglan found in Interweave Knits Fall 2013; crocheters could use it for the unique Chestnut Wrap found in Love of Crochet Fall 2016.

No matter what project you choose, Johanne’s fabulous colors and soft fibers will make it a wardrobe staple.

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