Yarn Spotlight: Trendsetter Yarns’ Transitions

Cake Yarn Day has passed, but in our world, we can get to use yarn every day even if it doesn’t come in cakes. In our first post regarding the Transitions yarn project, we discussed the relationship between the yarn and the projects we chose. Now we want to spotlight the yarn itself, Trendsetter Yarns’ Transitions. But first, let’s learn a little bit about the company.

Trendsetter Yarns has been around for quite a while, as explained on their website:

Trendsetter Yarns was founded in 1988 by Myrna Klein and her son Barry Klein. Their vision was to create and distribute yarns for knitters, crocheters, and weavers with a focus on setting trends through innovative patterns, creative design features and fibers that are inspirational. Almost three decades later, Trendsetter Yarns continues to pride itself on its creativity, timely delivery, and friendly staff. Trendsetter Yarns is now the sole U.S. distributor for Lana Grossa, Lotus and Cardiff Cashmere, and Rooster Yarns.

When asked about the history of the company, co-founder Barry Klein had this to say:

Trendsetter started as a dream. My mother and I wanted to bring the most exciting, creative, innovative, and trendsetting yarns to the U.S. yarn market. After 28 years, I believe we’ve done just that. When asked what I do for a living, I say that ‘I’m the luckiest person in the world. My job is different every day. I get to be creative in designing yarn and knitwear always looking for a new texture, color or way to generate something wearable. Most of all, I get to express my love for what I do every day because my clients are my friends and the people I teach and meet all become part of my knitting family. What truly expresses luck is to see that my staff backs my company and loves what we do as much as I do.’

Having worked with one of their yarns, we can definitely verify both of these statements! When we discussed Transitions, we’re all agreed that it is extremely enjoyable to work with.

Here are our individual reactions to Transitions, now that we’ve each crocheted a project:

I thoroughly enjoyed working with this yarn to create a lacy pattern. The yarn felt soft and silky smooth as it glided across my fingers and hook. It felt like a laceweight, but it weighs in at a DK, so my project worked up more quickly than I expected. The one-strand-at-a-time transition effect was truly delightful. This slow transition creates a beautiful gradient effect without the crocheter having to join another skein of yarn to their project. The yarn comes as a cake packaged in its own custom box with an eyelet in the transparent top, so it’s ready to be worked right from the start.

This yarn is so much fun; I’m already browsing for my next pattern to stitch up!

– Dana Bincer,
Associate Editor, Love of Crochet

I am a crocheter that is used to twisted yarn. At first, the lack of twist in the 4-strand yarn threw me, but I established a rhythm easily. It became much easier. I found working the yarn very pleasant!

Color changes within the cake are made by knotting the new color to the old color, and it was easy to weave in those changes. My favorite part of the yarn was how nicely it fed from the box. It did not once snag or get tangled. Having the ability to crochet without pause was an utter delight.

– Lisa Espinosa
Editorial Coordinator, Crafts Books

I had so much fun working with this yarn! I love the ombré look, and this yarn makes it easy to accomplish that look in your project. Color changes were exciting because they signified progress!

Avoiding tangles is made easy thanks to Trendsetter’s foresight with packaging. The yarn feeds from its own individual box with an opening for the center-pull ball.

I can’t wait to use this yarn again! I loved how Lisa’s shawl turned out, and I’m looking forward to making one of those for myself.

– Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

Transitions yarn gave me a chance to experience something completely new in the way of yarn: a multi-stranded yet untwisted yarn. Because there was no twist, it glided across my hook as more of a tape yarn.

The color changes were interesting as well. Instead of a gradual color change, the new color was knotted to one strand of the previous color. This made for a unique color change on one end and a very subtle color change on the other end.

I didn’t have too many problems working with it, thanks to the box. That box acts as a yarn bowl, and it was great!

– Susanna Tobias
Project Editor, Interweave Crochet and Love of Crochet

What would you make with this exquisite yarn? No matter what you choose, you definitely need to check out Transitions or Trendsetter Yarns in general. Both the company and the yarn get two thumbs up from each of us!

Happy crocheting!


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