Yarn Spotlight: Universal Deluxe DK Superwash

Superwash wool vs regular wool. What’s the difference?

The main difference is that superwash wool is machine washable. When you want the warmth of wool along with ease of care in a project that needs to remain as it was created after cleaning,it is a great choice. How discouraging is it to spend your time and energy of creating a special garment only to have it shrink or felt in the washer? If you intended a sweater for a child, you would have made it that way in the first place, right?


Universal Deluxe DK Superwash

For those who like DK weight yarns, Universal Yarns offers an excellent option in their Deluxe DK Superwash. This yarn has a great put-up (100 grams and 284 yards), and you’re sure to admire the wonderful range of colors—52 in total!


A close-up of the Universal Deluxe DK Superwash.

Another favorable quality to this choice of wool is that the touch is slightly less scratchy than that of many regular wools. In fact, we consider this when choosing materials for some of our next-to-skin garments or accessories!

Crocheters will notice the yarn in the Hudson Hat & Gloves from Interweave Crochet Fall 2016 (shown below on the left).


For knitters, we suggest Deluxe DK Superwash yarn for the Clear Skies Wrap from Love of Knitting Fall 2016 (see above image, right).

If you decide not to use this yarn for these projects, that’s totally fine as well! We would love to hear from you about this topic! Why would you choose to use superwash wool vs. regular wool, or vice versa?

Happy Stitching!

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