Yarn Spotlight Addition: Summer 2012

Fibers on the Edge

In Yarn Spotlight in the Summer 2012 issue of Interweave Crochet, we go to the edge with fine fibers perfect for an edging. Edging is the final touch, the statement that makes a garment or accessory shine. Since edging takes significantly less yarn than a garment, you can splurge to get just the right tonality, a sweet silk blend, a bit of ribbon.  Here are a couple more fine fibers for edgings.

The swatches are worked in the Loopy Edging by Victoria Hewerdine Thornton. Once you work the foundation row to your desired length, the loop rows work up super-fast.

Note: Check the care instructions for both edging yarn and garment yarn or fabric. When washing the edged garment or project, follow the directions for the fiber requiring the gentlest care.

Shibui Knits Staccato

Content: 65%  superwash merino, 30% silk , 5% nylon Put-up:  191 y,  175 m / 1.76 oz,  50 g  Construction: 2-ply Care: handwash in lukewarm water. dry flat. Color: ST103, green apple Hook: Size US D/3 (3.25 mm)

This springy yarn works up into a beautiful, sturdy edging, with well-defined loops. It crochets up quickly, with no stranding to slow you down. Its superwash-ability makes it great for edging children's garments, and the design will maintain its integrity through all sorts of play.

Perfect for edging a child's garment, an apron, a shade for a lamp in your crochet nook.

Treenway Silks

20 / 2 Spun Silk

Content: 100% bombyx spun silk  Put-up: 10 y Construction: 2-ply Care: hand wash cool, dry flat Color: 9514, Amber  Hook:  Size US C (2.75 mm)

Montano Series Reeled Silk Ribbon, 3.5 mm
Content: 100% bombyx Put-up:  5 y Construction: woven Care: hand wash cool, dry flat Color: Aztec Gold

If you have a truly special project that needs a fine finish, look to these silk embroidery threads and ribbons. The sample is worked on a C hook, but you can achieve even finer results with a smaller steel hook. Work the edging with the silk thread, then weave the hand-dyed silk ribbon through the loops, securing at the ends with sewing thread. Before working with the threads, treat yourself to a nice manicure and work in good light.

Perfect for wedding garter, christening bonnet.

We can't wait to see how you use your crochet edgings! Stay tuned for a blog by Sharon on how she's putting crochet edgings on just about everything!

Happy crocheting,


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