Yarn Spotlight: Accessories 2011

Novelty yarns, fashion fibers, trendy threads-no matter what you call them, these delightful yarns are just right for adding panache to your accessories. Most are designed more for fun than functionality, but a few of them are great for full garments. In Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011, we featured seven yarns in a splendid motif (based on the Circle Star square by Julie Yeager). Here we give full descriptions of those yarns, plus three more.

The small motifs here are made by working the first round of the Circle Star square. The Circle Star square is one of the squares in the Chain Reaction Afghan Project.

Berroco Flicker

Content: 87% baby alpaca, 8% acrylic, 5% other fibers
Put-up: 1.75 oz, 50 g / 189 y, 175 m
Construction: chainette
Care: hand wash, lay flat to dry
Color: 3312 odile and 3317 benno
Hook: J-10 / 6 mm

This chainette yarn is super springy! The alpaca gives it a slight halo and the  "other fibers" there is a lovely bit of tinsel (gold or silver, depending on the base color), perfect if you want an little extra shine at a holiday party. It comes in 10 great colors, including Schwarzfels, which is black, in case you want to make an elegant shrug for that party (I would use Petipa, because I just can't get enough of that yellowy-green). The hook range for this yarn is I through K. The label recommends I-9 / 5.5 mm (and we love that the crochet hook recommendation is right on the label!); I used  J-10 / 6 mm for the little motif; you could scoot up to a K-10.5 / 6.5 mm if your gauge wants it.

Perfect for garments, hats, scarves

Be Sweet Ribbon Ball

Baby mohair, metallic, ribbon
Put-up: 1.76 oz, 50 g / 95 y, 87 m
Construction: 3 ply, untwisted, with hand-tied ribbons
Care: hand wash, lay flat to dry
Color: green potion
Hook: J-10/ 6 mm

This delicious yarn is made up of a strand of boucle, a strand of 2-ply, and a loose strand of tinsel, all of which is tied together with occasional nylon, satin and chiffon ribbons. The ribbons like to hide at the back of the crochet fabric, so you'll have to nudge a few to the front after crocheting. This yarn has additional goodness spun in: By using it, you are supporting the South African women who spin and dye the yarn as part of a job-creation program.

Perfect for scarf, hat, cowl, trim on sweaters

Feza Chanel

Content: 70% polyester, 30% metallic yarn
Put-up: 3.5 oz, 100 g / 99 y, 90 m
Construction: chain with metallic eyelash and tufts
Care: hand wash cool, lay flat to dry
Color: 6 ash
Hook: J-10/ 6 mm

This exuberant yarn is made up of a base yarn that holds together a zigzag of shiny yarn and a halo of tinsel with regular intervals of chenille tufts. The little tufts squish right in to the stitches, making a rich, thick fabric, but it is a bit challenging to see the stitches to work into. I'd recommend a fairly tight stitch pattern that allows you to work into chain spaces-wattle stitch might be a good choice. This wants to be the yarn that adds an occasional accent row. it would be really splendid in a freeform sweater of novelty yarns.   

Perfect for hat, cowl, scarf, accent row in scarf or sweater.

Halcyon Victorian Boucle

Content: 74% mohair, 15.5% wool, 10.5% nylon
Put-up: 3 oz, 85 g / 220 y, 201 m
Construction: boucle
Care: hand wash, lay flat to dry
Color: 138  purple
Hook: J-10/ 6 mm or K-10.5 / 6.5 mm

This yarn works up as a worsted. For crochet, it would be best to work a stitch pattern that allows you to work into a chain space, as it can be hard to identify the top of the stitch amongst all the little loops.  Victorian Boucle is matched to the colorways of Victorian 2-Ply and Victorian Brushed Mohair, for a multiyarn sweater or napping blanket. The J hook produces a nice, dense fabric; the K hook gives the little boucle loops a little more play.

Perfect for hats, scarves, sweaters, blankets

Knit One Crochet Too Wrapunzel

Content: 70% superwash wool, 30% acrylic
Put-up: 1.76 oz, 50 g / 93 y, 85 m
Construction: 2 ply
Care: machine wash separately cold, lay flat to dry or tumble dry low
Color: 720 red dahlia
Hook: K-10.5 / 6.5 mm

The colors in this yarn are super fun. A wool single is wrapped with a shiny acrylic, each space-dyed in different colors, so that as you crochet, a rainbow of colors streams through your fingers. Added to the fun is a thick-and-thinness that gives the fabric terrific texture.

Perfect for hats! scarves, shrug, cowl

Kollage Marvelous

Content: 63% mohair, 13% wool, 24% nylon
Put-up: 2.8 oz, 79 g / 100 y, 91 m
Construction: 2 ply
Care: hand wash, lay flat to dry
Color: 2510 teal twist
Hook: L / 7 mm

Scrumptious! And best of all, with this yarn you can crochets a swath of loveliness in no time! Made up of a solid mohair strand and a multicolored chain with tufts of fiber, something like interrupted chenille, it's like crocheting with cotton candy. Work large stitches or work an alternating single crochet / chain stitch pattern (working single crochet in the chain space) to whip up an elegant and simple scarf or shawl.

Perfect for scarf, shawl, or an accent edging on garments or accessories

S. Charles Luna

Content: 71% super kid mohair, 20% silks, 9% lurex
Put-up: .88 oz, 25 g / 232 y, 212.5 m
Construction: 3 ply
Care: hand wash, lay flat to dry
Color: 24 gold
Hook: D-3 / 3.25 mm

This whisper-soft yarn calls for a bit of care when crocheting until you become used to the lightness of the fabric. Try working this with a light hook, such as Lantern Moon. You can also work with two strands of this fiber, with a larger hook, for a more substantial fabric.

Perfect for shrug, scarf, shawl, cardigan

S. Charles Crystal

Content: 85% polyester, 15% cotton
Put-up: .88 oz, 25 g / 144 y, 131 m
Construction: 5 ply
Care: hand wash, lay flat to dry
Color: 4 gold with gold sequins
Hook:  D-3 / 3.25 mm

This crisp yarn makes assertive loops that can be tricky to manage; they want to stay round, when you want them to squish down a bit. The tiny sequins are quite dear and don't catch on the hook.

Perfect for trim, accent row, crocheted jewelry

S. Charles Luna + S. Charles Crystal
Hook:  G / 4.25 mm

Together, Luna and Crystal go together like the moon and stars. The crispness of Crystal balances the lightness of Luna to create a perfectly balanced fiber. The resulting fabric is both shimmery and sparkly, perfect for a special-occasion garment or a garment that brings a lift to an ordinary day. Luna and Crystal are dyed to be companions, so you don't have to fret about color selections.

Perfect for shawls, sweaters, scarves


Content: base yarn 60% wool, 20% silk, 20% bamboo; wrap thread 100% silk with metallic sequins
Put-up: 1.76 oz, 50 g / 93 y, 85 m
Construction: 3 ply base yarn wrapped with chain silk with sequins
Care: hand wash cool, lay flat to dry
Color: 830 get up
Hook: I-9 / 5.5 mm or J-10/ 6 mm

The tiny iridescent sequins, chained onto a shimmery silk strand, give a beautiful glint. The silk strand and wool-blend strands are not plied, so this beautiful yarn calls for a bit of attention. With the right tension, it is easy to catch both strands. Yang has a subtler companion yarn called, of course, Yin (http://soysilk.com/yarn/yin-yang/). Together, they can make a beautiful sweater.

Perfect for sweater, shawl, scarf, shrug

Universal Rozetti Tundra

Content: 90% acrylic, 10% polyester
Put-up: 3.5 oz, 100 g / 54 y, 49 m
Construction: wide ribbon adjacent to ribbon with open spaces
Care: hand wash, lay flat to dry
Color: 41007 orchid

This railroad yarn is unique. You can crochet it two ways: Crochet the whole yarn with a large hook. Or crochet with a small hook into the narrow railroad edge to create a ruffle. It takes a little practice to work this second method. It is really terrific for an exuberant edging on the sweater, bag or other accessory.

Perfect for rosettes, trim

Tantalizing aren't they? We'd love to see what you make with novelty yarns. Post your projects in the Reader Gallery.


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