Yarn Load

I received a long awaited package today, people. Feast your eyes:

Peace Fleece

It's Peace Fleece and a Surina wood crochet hook from knitpixie. The colour is Samantha-Katya Pink.

Now. I'm having a weird flashback moment. Bear with me.

When I was in grade 4 in Brooklyn, our class prepared and prepared for the visit of a girl from the USSR. I remember that her name was Katarina. This was a very. big. deal. We studied the USSR, and we were made to appreciate, if not understand, the huge significance of this girl's visit. Considering the Cold War. And Gorbachev. And glasnost.

I just read the story of this colour on the Peace Fleece web site: "In 1983 Samantha Smith from Maine visited the USSR and during the winter of 1986 Katya Lycheva of Russia visited the U.S. Both girls made their voyages as ambassadors of peace and goodwill."

I have chills.

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