Yarn Leftovers: Yarn Cats

What’s better than yarn and cats? Obviously, cats made of yarn! I stole this idea right off the office Christmas tree: our art director, Kit Kinseth, created an adorable kitty made from pom-poms and scrap yarn. So here is the yarn leftover version that anyone can make in fewer than 20 minutes. You’ll have time to make dozens! (Because, let’s be honest, one cat is never enough.)

What You Will Need

yarn cats
–       any color and weight of yarn for your cat

–       fine yarn for the cat’s facial features

–       paper for the ears

–       (optional) more yarn for the cat’s yarn ball

–       scissors

–       tapestry needle

–       glue



1.    Wind ball for the body, securing with dots of glue on the outermost layer. (Optional: tie knot around ball and leave an end dangling for a tail.)

2.    Wind smaller ball for the head, securing with dots of glue on the outermost layer.

3.    Glue head to body.

4.    Cut out two tiny triangles for ears and glue to the head.

5.    Thread tapestry needle with fine yarn to embroider eyes, whiskers, and a nose.

6.    Optional cat toy: Wind a small ball of yarn and glue to the body of the cat.
It’s so easy you could whip up a few cats in an hour! Hang them on a tree or doorknob, make a garland, or set them in a basket on a windowsill. Let’s face it, you don’t need a holiday to want to make yarn cats.

Let us know if you decide to make the yarn-cat! Tag us on Instagram @InterweaveCrafts.

Happy crafting,


And now, a cat poem for your viewing pleasure.

The Cat.
by Oliver Herford

Observe the Cat upon this page.
Philosophers in every age,
The very wisest of the wise,
Have tried her mind to analyze
In vain, for nothing can they learn.
She baffles them at every turn
Like Mister Hamlet in the play.
She leads their reasoning astray;
She feigns an interest in string
Or yarn or any rolling thing
Unlike the Dog, she does not care
With common Man her thoughts to share.
She teaches us that in life’s walk
‘T is better to let others talk,
And listen while they say instead
The foolish things we might have said.

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