Yarn Leftovers: Wall Hanging

Inspired by the one empty wall in my cubicle, this yarn leftover wall hanging project is incredibly easy to make and great for personalizing any space. And it is the perfect craft to make with the younger people in your life! Help them get started on their first DIY décor project, or make one for yourself and add some color and fun to a bathroom or office space.

What you will need:
– A spare knitting needle or stick
– Yarn in one or more colors

1. Cut lengths of yarn to roughly the same size (the number of lengths you need depends on how long your knitting needle or stick is.
2. Using a lark’s head knot, place yarn on the stick.
3. Continue step 2 until you have covered the majority of the stick (leaving at least one inch on both sides for the string you’ll use to hang the piece).
4. Tie a string on both sides of your stick. (I simply tied a loop on both ends, but you can use a slipknot or whatever method you wish.)
5. Hang and enjoy!
wall hanging
Tips and Suggestions:
1. Cut your yarn into a fun shape (like a triangle).
2. Braid your yarn and finish with a simple knot.
3. Use the yarn to make fun patterns (like stripes).
4. Weave accent yarn horizontally through the vertically hanging yarn.
5. Tie beads to the yarn at the bottom or use them to make a pattern in the middle.
6. Add pom-poms or tassels.
7. You can make your hanger as big or as small as you would like, but it may be best to know where you would like to hang it up before getting your stick and cutting your yarn.
8. You don’t have to stick to just yarn! You can add rope or fabric—really anything you have lying around the house.

So let’s get crafting! Let us know if you decide to make this project! Please tag us on Instagram @InterweaveCraft. We love to see your photos!



P.S. You can always search online to get ideas for your wall masterpiece.

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