Yarn Leftovers: Garlands

When you’re in a time crunch and you need quick DIY holiday décor, garlands are the way to go. Garlands are quick to make, perfect for using up leftover yarn, and great decorations for any occasion or season. We created three simple garlands that come together in a flash with some basic supplies. Give one (or two, or all three!) of these a go to add holiday cheer to your home or office.

Pom-pom Garland

pom pom garlands
This garland is a great project for crafters of any age. If you have an entire skein to work with, you can make pom-poms in a flash with this Interweave Yarn Hack!


– Yarn
– Two empty toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll cut in half
– Sharp scissors
– Tapestry needle


1. Hold end of yarn between rolls.
2. Wrap yarn around the rolls until you reach the desired thickness.
3. Wrap one end of the yarn around the middle part of the yarn in between the cardboard rolls. Tighten as much as possible.
4. Slide the yarn off the rolls. Tie the knot as tightly as possible.
5. Cut the strands in half all the way around.
6. Continue cutting the pom-pom to shape it into the perfect size and shape for your project.
7. Thread the long strings between stitches at the point of attachment.
8. Turn the project inside out, tie the strings tightly (without breaking the yarn), and snip.
9. Thread tapestry needle with yarn and thread through pom-poms.
10. Tie a loop at both ends (optional)

TIP: For a video tutorial click here!

Crochet Motif Garland

crocheted garlands
Make a garland that looks like snowflakes for the winter season! Use leftover white yarn to make snowflakes, or try using several colors of yarn to give your garland a festive flair. Wrap this garland around your tree, hang it from your mantle, or use it to decorate your workspace (like we did).


– Leftover yarn (all in white or varying colors)
-Crochet hook (size depends on the weight of yarn used)
-Tapestry needle (yarn needle)
-A crochet motif pattern


1. Find a motif pattern you like. The pictured garland used a basic granny square and the pattern from our first Crochet Block Party! For more fun crochet motifs, check out The Big Book of Granny Squares.
2. Crochet a bunch of motifs—varying shapes, sizes, and colors welcome!
3. Weave in all loose ends with tapestry needle.
4. Make a crochet chain garland, attaching each crochet motif with a slip stitch.
5. Block or press lightly with an iron to flatten motifs.

Finger-Crochet Garland

You don’t need to know how to crochet to make this garland! Just follow the steps below for an all-ages DIY project.

– Two or more different colors of yarn (weight does not matter). The more yarn pieces you include, the thicker the garland will be.


1. Tie a slipknot.
2. Tighten slipknot around your thumb and index finger.
3. Grab working yarn and pull through slipknot to make a loop.
4. Continue pulling working yarn through the loop to make another loop until garland reaches desired length.
5. Finish ends with a regular knot or make a knotted loop.

We hope you enjoy these DIY garlands, and we would love to see your creations! Tag us on Instagram @InterweaveCraft!

Happy crafting,

—Sarah and Sara

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