How Yarn Influences Your Crochet

SilverlakeWhen you decide on the perfect yarn for your next project, the choices can be a little overwhelming. Does the pattern need a wool, cotton, silk, or blend yarn? Should you choose a solid, variegated, kettle-dyed, or self-striping yarn? This incredible variety might explain the amount of yarn in my stash. Or maybe I should just admit I simply love yarn whether it is in a gorgeous shawl or a simple skein.

While your yarn choice is frequently directed by your pattern, I love projects that allow the yarn to highlight and guide the design’s final look. A simple silhouette and stitch pattern can be easily elevated by yarn choice.

One yarn I haven’t yet played with is Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Yarn. This is a crazy yarn—crazy cool! A fingering-weight yarn takes an unexpected adventure into self-striping. Zauberball Crazy is a two-ply yarn, which is quite common, but each ply has its own self-striping.

Silverlake3Each strand stripes in multiple colors and the shades of each strand do not always line up when they are plied (though in wonderful little sections they do). Some color shifts are slow and subtle; others are obvious. This unique yarn creates incredible fabric.

Vickie Howell applied filet crochet to create very architectural shapes and allowed the Zauberball Crazy yarn to do all of the colorwork heavy lifting. The Silverlake Filet Crochet Shawl is perfect for a beginning crocheter or an expert looking for a quick project.

We have kitted the Silverlake Filet Crochet Shawl with two balls of the incredible Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Yarn. Order your Silverlake Filet Crochet Shawl Kit today and see what this yarn can do.

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P.S. What is your favorite yarn for crochet colorwork? Let us know in the comments.

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