Interweave Yarn Hacks: Easy DIY Project Bag

There are project bags all over the place. You can buy them at your LYS, on Etsy, or even sew up your own, drawstring and all. Sometimes we need something in a pinch, and a lot of folks don’t sew and maybe don’t want to spend the money on one. Our solution is quite simple: fold up your stuff inside a piece of fabric!

The fabric in the video is a fat quarter, which you can buy at most fabric and craft stores, either individually or in bundles. Or you might have something laying around that you acquired years ago and swore you would use, but it hasn’t quite turned into a project yet. Or maybe you have a t-shirt you don’t wear! Get creative—it’s just a piece of fabric.

All you do is put your project, notions, yarn, or whatever you need to store on top of the fabric. Then, take two diagonal corners, pull them together, and tie them. Do the same with the other two diagonal corners. Voila! It’s as simple as that. If you have yarn and a project inside, you can position the yarn so it comes out of a little hole near where the tie is. If it’s not quite loose enough for that, just loosen the ties a little bit.

What’s one of your favorite yarn hacks?

Happy Hacking!


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