Yarn Hack: Your Phone is a Ruler!

Do you ever head out of your house with your knitting but accidentally forget some basic and necessary notions such as a ruler? Check out this Interweave Yarn Hack for making sure you’ll never be without a measuring device for your knits!

Sometimes when you have a ruler in your possession, measure your phone’s length and width. Open up your notepad app in your phone and make a note of those measurements, or memorize them. Since humans are generally pretty good at remembering our cell phones over other things like important knitting notions (ahem, or car keys), this means you’ll most likely always have a ruler on your person! Use the length and width of your phone to measure how far you’ve gone in a project, or to check your gauge.

Another trick you can do is to buy an inexpensive case for your phone and create a ruler with it. We got the phone case in the video for $1 at the dollar store. It helps if it doesn’t have a pattern on it and is lighter in color. Next, you’ll want to pop the case onto your phone, and simply mark up the case with a sharpie. Place the ruler next to the phone, matching up the end that starts with zero with the bottom of your phone, and mark each inch, half-inch, and quarter-inch. This way you won’t have to remember or take note of the measurements of your phone—they are right there! Use this as back-up anytime you forget your ruler when you are knitting in public.

What do you do when you forget your ruler, or other notions when knitting in public? Do you have any Hacks for substitution notions?

Happy measuring!
Hannah, Louisa, and Lindsay
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