Yarn Gift Ideas

Do you have a stash of yarn odds and ends? If you're like me, you just can't stand to get rid of the last little bit of yarn left over from a project. I have literally bags of tiny balls of yarn in fingering, sport, DK, and even worsted weight just waiting for the perfect crochet gift. In her blog today, Knitting Daily editor Kathleen Cubley offered six options for using your stash.

I love the Lacey Sugar Patterns idea, though I would of course crochet lace swatches. Check out it out as well as ideas for gift wrapping, jewelry making, and more sweet treats!

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Lacey Sugar Pattern: Find an old lace scarf or knit a large swatch using a lace pattern you like and thin linen or cotton yarn. If you knit a swatch, block it and let it dry completely before using. Use the lace as a stencil by placing it over a cake and then dusting it with powdered sugar. To apply the lace to cookies, place them close together on a backing sheet, lay the lace over them, and dust them with powdered sugar. This method is similar to using a doily as a dusting stencil, but it's so much more personal. You can wash the swatch or old scarf and use it over and over. More . . .

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