Yarn Cocktails: A Review

Yarn Cocktails, Black Ice There were so many books to review for this issue (and loads for the upcoming issue, too!) that I want to give some individual attention to this non-book product.

Yarn Cocktails, by Anastasiaknits, are crochet (and knitting) patterns inspired by, you got it, yummy drinks. With a tag line of, “Yarn Over, Not Hang Over,” you know you're in for a good time. The patterns are purse-size, cute, and simple enough to fit in limited space. From jewelry to bags to ponchos to pompoms, there's lots of variety. My favourite is Black Ice, a necklace-earrings set that makes the most of sequined novelty yarn.

The name says it all – grab your girlfriends, gather your hooks, raid the liquor cabinet, and make a night of it. Insurance for a successful yarn cocktail party: each pattern includes the recipe for its namesake drink.

See www.anastasiaknits.com for more information.

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