X-Stitch Belt


Christine Polson


X-Stitch Belt. I make these belts for my daughter, they are very easy to change sizes to.

Materials List

1 skein of crochet cotton in any colour of you choice, hemp looks really great too
4.5 mm crochet hook
Needle to weave in ends

Beads ( if you like to put them on the tassles)

Finished Size

The finished size of this belt is 35″ with 12″ of tassles on each end.To increase add chains in groups of 4 and 1 x-stitch, this will increase belt by approxiamately one inch.to decrease take away chains in groups of 4, this will decrease by approxiamately 1 inch.



The Pattern

chain 135

Row 1: sc in second chain from hook and each chain across to end. chain 3 turn.

Row 2: skip first 2 sc, dc in next 2 sc, dc in both skipped sc. X-Stitch made. Repeat across to last sc. Dc in last sc. Chain 2, Turn.
Row 3: Sc in each dc across.

Row 4: slip stitch into each chain across. This helps the belt keep it shape. Weave in ends.

For Tassles:

measure 20 24″ leangths of crochet cotton. Put 2 together and fold in half. Using your crochet hook, put hook thru stitch in end of belt. Using crochet hook to pull folded end thru stitch. Put cut end of tassle thru loop and pull tightly. Reapeat for the rest tassle lengths. Add beads if desired.

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