WWDD: Style Your Nightshade Crochet Skirt

Crochetscene 2017 is packed full of some incredible patterns that I can’t wait to make and wear. One of my very favorite patterns in this issue is the Nightshade Skirt by Doris Chan in DesigningVashti Lotus.

The skirt drapes beautifully in this sport weight combo of cotton and rayon. The skirt is made up of circular motifs of many sizes which come together in beautiful and intricate ways. I can’t wait to make this skirt and wear it all year long. Read on to discover three ways to style your Nightshade Skirt with these outfit ideas.

1. For the Office


Pair the Nightshade skirt with a classy white-button up shirt with a collar. Add a piece of black fabric to create a cute and classy tie, or crochet a tie yourself with any leftover yarn. Keep it relaxed and casual or add a blazer and heels for a more formal office setting.

2. For a Concert

If you are planning a fun night out, take the Nightshade Skirt with you! This skirt looks super stylish paired with a vintage t-shirt and a leather moto-jacket. Depending on the event, choose a pair of converse or some leather boots to take the Nightshade Skirt out on the town.


3. For the weekend

Keep this crochet skirt casual and relaxed on the weekend. Add a simple tank top or chambray shirt to the skirt for a stylish outfit you don’t have to think about. The Nightshade Skirt is so versatile, you could pair it with any simple top. Add any pair of sandals, sneakers, or boots… they all look good.

If you are looking for ideas for things to wear under your Nightshade Skirt, you have several fun options. Wear them over briefs for a sexier look, as they are styled in the magazine. You could wear the skirt over brightly colored tights and bike shorts for a fun and funky look that will make the patterning of the skirt pop. Wear it over a similarly colored slip dress for a subtle look, or a contrasting colored slip dress to show off your beautiful stitch work.

If you are headed somewhere tropical for vacation this winter season, be sure to bring this along to wear over a swimsuit! Its cotton and rayon fibers along with its open stitch pattern makes it surprisingly compactable for crochet and easy to pack in a suitcase.

Have fun wearing this beautiful project form Crochetscene 2017, I know I will.


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