WWDD: 3 Mandalas from Love of Crochet for your Crochet Home

I usually make crochet projects I can wear, but back in August I became a homeowner; and my priorities changed. Crochet home décor is my new favorite thing. This is why I loved the feature called “10 Ways to Use a Mandala” from Love of Crochet Spring 2017. The mandala theme in this issue has me so excited to make wall hangings, dream catchers, rugs, afghans—the mandala possibilities for my crochet home are endless!

That “10 Ways” feature has already inspired a wall hanging for my craft room. I combined three mandala patterns from the issue (Deborah Bagley’s Daisy Chain Mandala and Desert Rose Mandala, plus Lori M. Carlson’s Mehndi Coaster) and changed the colors. My home has a white and wooden feel to it, so I decided to make monochromatic mandalas in cream.
I used yarn in varying weights and fibers from my stash, adjusting the hook size accordingly, and even some white-colored string from the hardware store. The different yarn weights created mandalas of all different sizes. Then I bought some of the Sterling Trading Co. embroidery hoops (available at www.sterlingtradingco.com shown in this issue’s Fun Finds department). I chose hoops that best fit the finished size of each mandala. If you want to replicate this proj
ect, you’ll find it easier to make all the mandalas first, and then order embroidery hoops. After I attached all the mandalas to the hoops (instructions for this are included in the Daisy Chain and Desert Rose pattern), I sewed the hoops together. Stealing another idea from “10 Ways to Use a Mandala,” I added fringe in the various yarns making up the mandalas.

There is tremendous potential to customize this project to fit your space. Use any of the many mandala patterns included in this issue, switching up the colors to match your home’s style. These decorative projects also let you use up your stash yarns and play with color theory. (Or choose one favorite color as I did.) You’ll have a beautiful crochet home before you know it!

Happy stitching!

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet


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