WWDD: 3 Crochet Ideas for a Last-Minute DIY Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away, but never fear! Even if you procrastinate like me, you can still create crafty projects fit for the spooky holiday. A DIY Halloween just requires a little creativity. Here are 3 ideas for projects you can craft up quickly and still finish in time for Halloween.

1. Spider Web Garland

DIY Halloween

Last Christmas season I made a crochet motif garland. I used the pattern for “Head Over Hexi Headboard” from Crochetscene 2017 (designed by the brilliant Vickie Howell). Rather than seaming all the motifs together, I made them into a garland and attached them via a string of chain stitches. I thought it was great for the winter season because the motifs looked like snowflakes. BUT, do you know what else they look like? Spider webs! Use the same quick-to-make garland, and tape some fake spiders onto each motif. Boom: instant spider web garland to decorate your house for a DIY Halloween.

2. Leaf for a Pumpkin Costume

Dana Bincer, editor for Love of Crochet, designed this beautiful crochet maple leaf for Interweave Crochet Fall 2016. Make this pattern in green or brown. Join your yarn in one end of the leaf, and work the chain stitch for an appropriate length to fit around your head. Attach the chain to the other end of the crochet leaf, and bind off. Now you have a leaf headband! Just grab a baggy orange T-shirt, and you have an instant pumpkin costume! If you have enough crochet time, you could even try to whip out a quick pumpkin hat.

3. Pumpkin Décor

Try something new with this quick project! Make the “L’il Punkins” project with pin-loom weaving and crochet. Everything you need to know to get started is available in the latest issue of Love of Crochet Fall 2017. The issue provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a pin loom and a list of other pin-loom resources. With all that help, this is a pattern you can work up fast. Use it as a centerpiece or to decorate your doorstep or treat bowl. Best part? This pumpkin décor will carry you all the way through to Thanksgiving.

So there you have it! Three ideas to whip up something fast for a DIY Halloween. You can probably even find what you need in your stash. Don’t wait! Get to stitching, so you’ll be ready for Halloween! Have any more ideas for quick, crafty things to make last minute? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Halloween stitching!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

Happy DIY Halloween!

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