WWDD? 7 Crochet Projects for Football Season

Football season is crochet season! Long games are a great time to work on crochet projects. But what types of patterns are best to crochet while rooting for your team? A great pattern needs to have a few qualities: it can’t be too complicated (because your attention will need to be on the game), it should be repetitive and calming (because crochet can help calm you down when your team takes it into overtime), and it needs to easily incorporate your team’s colors (so the project you worked on during this week’s game can be worn to next week’s game).

If you are in search of the perfect crochet project for the big game, look no further. Here are our 7 favorite patterns for football season.

1. The Varsity Jacket from Love of Crochet Fall 2017

crochet college success

Garments are rarely simple because of their shaping, so this project would seem to violate our first rule, but the linen stitch used throughout the body of this piece makes it easy to crochet and construct for experienced garment-makers (beginners might want to skip this project during the game). And whether you make it at the game or before, this sweater’s simple striping is the perfect way to show off your team’s colors.

2. School Colors Hat and Mittens from Love of Crochet Fall 2016

This simple hat and mitten set uses the extended single crochet stitch that, once mastered, is easy to replicate. These projects will keep you calm if you work on them during a thrilling game and will be the perfect team-colored accessories for football games outdoors in the cold!

3. Football Crochet Pattern from Interweave.com

football crochet pattern

Everyone needs a football crochet pattern! Make this pattern for fun times during football season. Use it to decorate your food table at a game-day get-together, or let the kiddos play with it if they get bored during a long game.

4. Coffee Mug Cozy from Crochet to Calm

Whether you enjoy a regular hot drink or an adult beverage, your libations will need a crochet cozy on game day! Make this cute mug cozy in your team’s colors. This pattern is easy to alter to fit your beverage container of choice, whether it’s a travel mug or a beer can.

5. Chevron Bedspread from Favorite Crochet Blankets

When your team is playing in the depths of winter, you need a blanket. Even if you’re watching indoors on the television, a blanket is a necessity for cuddling up on the couch as you watch the game!

6. Bold Diagonal Throw Pillow from Quick Crochet for the Home

Throw pillows are useful for an indoor or outdoor game. Uncomfortable stadium seats always need some extra padding, and you can use a pillow to stay comfy as you sit on the edge of your seat (on the couch) during a nail-biter.

7. Cumulus Cowl from Interweave Crochet Fall 2015

The Cumulus Cowl uses simple post stitches in repetition, so you can focus on the game while making this project and then have something cozy to wrap up in after.

What will you make for football season? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy stitching and GO TEAM!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet


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