WWDD: Your Crochet Holiday Traditions, 3 Ways

Our recent special Thursday in November (and beyond) is all about building traditions with the ones you love. As the years progress, some traditions develop naturally. For example, my dad still spends Thanksgiving Day outside in the cold barbecuing the turkey, a tradition that started before I was born when my parents woke up on turkey day to find that their oven had stopped working. We still bake 3 pies for that special day. We each have our favorite flavor and the extra time in the kitchen is time we love spending together. While some traditions (like our pies) come easily, sometimes you have to devote effort to building traditions that are important to you.

This year, I set out to make crochet one of my family’s Thanksgiving traditions. I was so pleased with the results! Crocheting with family can be calming and meditative and helps to build community on a day devoted to giving thanks.  Here are 3 ways you can get your crochet holiday traditions started.

1. Make a Crochet Gift for the Holiday Host

crochet holiday traditions

If you’ve ever hosted a large group for a big meal, you know it takes a lot of work. We all appreciate the extra time hosts put into cooking, cleaning, and helping the evening run smoothly. Show that gratitude by making a crochet gift for the holiday host. If you’re looking for a quick gift they will love, check out these quick gifts to crochet.

2. Teach a Crochet Lesson

Some members of your family have no interest in learning the craft, and that’s okay; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if your family is like mine, there are always 1 or 2 people excited to learn from your crochet expertise. We usually need a break between the meal and dessert at my house (we bake 3 whole pies!), and that’s the perfect time to sit around the table, enjoy one another’s company, learn crochet, and let that food digest. If you’re working with crocheters who know the basic stitches already, try teaching them one of these lessons from Crochet Class.

3. Make an Afghan to Donate

If your family is already filled with crocheters, try creating a community-made afghan. Pick a pattern with an easily repeated motif and split the motifs up between family members. Each person makes their section of the afghan and brings their motifs to assemble on Thanksgiving. Marly Bird’s Baby Hugs Charity Blanket from Love of Crochet is one of our favorites. You can find the pattern for the different motifs and instructions on how to join them in Love of Crochet Fall 2016, Winter 2016, Spring 2017, and Summer 2017. Once the afghan is assembled, consider donating it to a local shelter or charity group. The Crochet Guild of America has a list of organizations that accept crochet donations.

Do you have any ideas I’ve missed? How do you make crochet part of your holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful holiday season with those you love.

-Sara Dudek
Associate editor, Interweave Crochet

Crochet Your Holiday!

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