WWDD: What is a Bullet Journal + 15 Pages to Make For Crafters

Have you heard of the bullet journal trend? When a coworker suggested this to me, I had no idea what it was. BUT, as an avid maker of bulleted to-do lists, I knew it was something I would like. Although there are many uses for bullet journals in your day-to-day life, it is especially useful for CRAFTERS! Read on to discover what bullet journals are and why they will greatly improve your crafting life.

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is basically a journal of lists you create to help manage your life, get stuff done, and meet your goals. It’s a great way to outline your thoughts without wasting time on complete sentences. An article on Buzzfeed (WTF Is A Bullet Journal and Why Should You Start One? An Explainer) described it as part to-do list, part planner, part diary. I’m going to add that, to some, it is also part scrapbook. Many people have fun writing in cute lettering, fun colors, and adding tape, stickers, and stamps.

What do you need to start a bullet journal?

At a minimum, you’ll need –

– A notebook
– A pen
– A plan (see below)

If you want to get really fancy with it, you’ll need –

– A non-lined notebook, so you can add fun sketches and lettering (dotted notebooks are the best)
– Some fine-lined marker pens in fun colors
– Cute tape, stickers, or stamps (dig through your scrapbooking supplies if you’d like!)
– A plan (see below)

Why do you need a plan?

If you are going to put time and energy into making this journal, you’ll want to plan out pages to get the most use out of it. Believe it or not, I created a bulleted list of pages I wanted to include in my bullet journal. Crazy, huh? If you’re a crafter, you might want to include these pages in your craft bullet journal, too.

bullet journal

1. Key

Every bullet journal should start with a key to help keep it organized. BulletJournal.com recommends this key, but you could come up with your own key or color-coding system if you’d like.

• Task or To Do
X Task Finished
> Task Migrated (to another list)
< Task Scheduled
O Event
– Note, observation, fact, or thought

bullet journal

2. Index

The Index serves as the table of contents for your bullet journal. Leave a few blank pages at the beginning (or at the end in true index fashion), so you can list the page numbers where you write important things. It might seem like a pain at first, but the more pages you fill, the more you’ll want to be able to flip right to what you need.

bullet journal

3. Year At A Glance

This page is basically your calendar. If you want to make this page craft specific, as I have, fill out the approximate dates Interweave Crochet, Interweave Knits, or knitscene hits newsstands! OR mark down the next Interweave escape, Yarn Fest, knit night, or a crochet class you’ve just signed up for.

bullet journal

4. A Goal Tracking Page

This page is especially useful if you are trying to achieve big crafty goals. Deb Gerish wanted to knit 17 sweaters in 2017 (and she did it, folks!). I have a goal of crocheting everyday. These are all good things to track on this page.

bullet journal

5. Useful Websites

At a crochet group meeting when someone mentions a fantastic website resource? Jot it down in your bullet journal!

bullet journal

6. Daily To-Do List

The bullet journal was made for to-do lists! Keep a crafting to-do list to make sure you don’t forget something important (like increasing every 17th row). You can also make notes reminding you to order more yarn or subscribe to Interweave Crochet.

bullet journal

7. Project Wish List

There are so many cool crochet projects to make! How will you keep track? Record all your favorite projects on this page. Add the yarn and other materials you need for your record, then add buying all that good stuff to your to-do list. See how this all works together?

bullet journal

8. Yarn Wish List

When the newest yarns come out, you just want to get your hands on them and start swatching! I can’t wait to work with Red Heart Yarns Ombre, Cascade Llamerino, and Woodi by HiKoo, distributed by Skacel; all are on my list.

bullet journal

9. Notion Wish List

We always have our eyes on the newest notions, but it’s important to pace yourself. Here’s where you can keep track of the stitch markets you love, that cool project bag, or officially record when you’ve lost all your yarn needles and need to get some more.

bullet journal

10. Notes on Swatches

This page is so incredibly useful for crafters—especially if you make a lot of garments! You’ll want to make sure your gauge is exactly right or that you like the drape of the fabric before you commit to making an entire garment. Number your swatches and record the hook size, gauge, yarn, fiber content, and color. If the stitch pattern is tricky, add some other notes like “This is an 18-stitch repeat.”

11. Audiobooks

Audiobooks and crafting—this is a favorite combo here at the Interweave office. Check out what Penguin Random House titles the knitting and crochet teams have been listening to, and add them to your bullet journal!

bullet journal

12. Movies

Movie day and crafting. Sounds like a blast. Keep track of the movies you’ve been meaning to watch on this page for reference next time you need a movie/stitching night!

13. TV Shows

Coworkers shared their new favorite shows with you? Add it to this list so you can craft and keep up with your favorite shows.

bullet journal

14. Crafting Bucket List

We have all considered some intense craft-related goals. I’ve thought of spinning enough yarn to knit my own sweater, visiting Ireland to learn about Irish crochet lace, and going to an Interweave Escape. All are things I would love to do, but they might not happen in my immediate future. This is the place to keep those bucket-list items.

bullet journal

15. Inspirational Quotes

Some days you just need someone to tell you something inspiring. Hear a quote that keeps you motivated? Put it here.

What pages will you make first for your crafting bullet journal? Let me know in the comments!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

Use a Bullet Journal for All Your Crafts!


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