WWDD: 3 Ways to Add Crochet to Clothing

Looking for ways to revamp your wardrobe this spring? Rather than tossing what you have and buying new, try these 3 ways to add crochet to clothing and accessories already in your closet. Save some money and make your old clothes like new again! These ideas also work great for thrift store finds. Grab your crochet hook, some leftover yarn, and add crochet to create these exciting new garments.

1. Add a crochet top to an old skirt or piece of fabric.

If you have an old skirt (medium length that’s not super fitted), try adding a crochet top to it to make it a dress. This also works well if you have a piece of fabric that you really love but don’t know what to do with it. Crochet a small yoke for the top, and attach the skirt or fabric to make it a dress. If your fabric has a lot of patterning in it, keep the dress yoke to a single color.

You can add patterning to it with filet crochet (check out our article on filet crochet in Interweave Crochet Summer 2017). If the skirt or fabric is a single color, add some excitement by making the crochet yoke in tapestry crochet, like with the Wilder Dress Yoke from Interweave Crochet Spring 2018. The Spring issue also includes tech articles for working tapestry crochet. Try it out, and add something exciting to an old piece from your closet!

add crochet to clothing

2. Add a crochet backing to a denim vest, jacket, or army jacket.

Add some color, pattern, or texture to an old vest or jacket in the back of your closet. Tapestry crochet allows the addition of fun geometric patterns and a shot of color! Check out the Santa Fe Vest Backing from Interweave Crochet Spring 2018 for a pattern to add tapestry crochet to a denim vest. You could also try out textured stitches, shell stitches, or filet crochet for adding something handmade to the back of an old jacket.

add crochet to clothing

3. Work up exciting hatbands to dress up old hats.

If you have any old fedoras or cowboy hats that just need an added touch of something special, work up a simple hat band to give it that handmade touch. Again, tapestry crochet adds fun color and geometric patterns. Try out the Hinterland Hatband from Interweave Crochet Spring 2018. You can also experiment with other stitch patterns to create a new and exciting hat band. I want to try the stitch pattern from the Roseate Shrug in the same issue in a hatband to add some floral texture to my favorite fedora. Try out either option to add some extra style to an old hat you’ve worn a million times.

Past ideas we’ve played with have included adding fun heart-shaped elbow patches or using crochet lace to cover holes in jeans. Do you have any other ideas for adding crochet to clothes? Let us know what you’ve tried in the comments below!

Happy stitching!
-Sara Dudek
Editor, Interweave Crochet

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  1. Barbara B at 9:39 am March 15, 2018

    Adding crocheted sleeves to dresses, tops, coats and especially vests does wonders and really expresses your style.

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