WWDD? 5 Crochet Ideas for Summer Weddings

It’s wedding season! I have so many lovely friends (and all-time favorite people) getting married this summer, which always makes me think of projects I can crochet for the happy couple. Wedding related crochet projects are so much fun to make and filled with so much love. There are so many fun things to make for the bride, your date, yourself, the reception . . . it’s hard to know where your hook should begin! Here are 5 crochet projects I’m dying to make for summer weddings.

crochet for weddings

1. Crochet Blanket

Every home needs a handmade crochet blanket, and if the bride and groom don’t have one, they need one! This is the perfect gift to give before the wedding at a bridal shower or even at the bachelorette party; many brides are opting for more subdued getaways with close friends, and a crochet blanket may be just what they need for their pre-wedding adventure. Added bonus: make it in the couple’s wedding colors so they will remember this special time in their lives! Try the Chevron Bedspread or the Happy Hexagons Throw.

crochet for weddings

2. Glamorous Shawl

A beautiful crochet shawl is just what you need for a wedding. Make one for yourself and you won’t risk getting too chilly at an outdoor event or in an overly air-conditioned ballroom or church. If you are close with the family, perhaps the mother of the bride or groom would like a lovely shawl to wear. Remember that the bride has probably spent a lot of time planning exactly what she will wear on the big day, so don’t be offended if she turns down your offer to make her a shawl. Try the Water Lily Shawl or the Margo Shawlette for yourself or other wedding guests.


3. Reception or Yard Décor

If the couple is planning a casual DIY wedding reception, your crochet skills may be needed. If you don’t have enough time to make décor for the entire venue, maybe the bride and groom’s table can feature your extra-special crochet touch. Try the Lacy Jar Cover around mason jars for easy flower center pieces, or make some crochet Cake Topper Hearts or decorative flowers. If the reception is outdoors, crochet some mandalas in the wedding colors, attach them to embroidery hoops, and hang them from tree branches. If the reception is a more formal affair, these pieces could be great gifts for use in the couple’s backyard as they start their life together.


4. Bow Tie for Your Date

If you want your date to wear a touch of crochet to match your lovely crochet shawl, try crocheting him a bow tie. The crochet Bow Tie is an excellent pattern to try.

5. Gift for the Honeymoon

Find out where the happy couple will be honeymooning and make a gift they can use there. If they’re off to the beach, the bride might enjoy one of these swimsuits or beachwear pieces. Wherever they go, the honeymooning bride could use a good tote bag.

Have so much fun going to weddings this summer! Crochet and spread the love!

-Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

So Much to Choose From for Summer Weddings!


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