WWDD: 15 Crochet Projects to Turn into Halloween Costumes!

Halloween costumes are more fun when you make them yourself. Put your crochet skills to use and whip up these projects to wear for Halloween this year.

Here are 15 crochet patterns and corresponding Halloween crochet costumes. Can you think of more? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Isosceles Scarf / Amelia Earhart

halloween costumes

We promoted the Isosceles Scarf on our April Fools cover. It goes perfectly with the Amelia Earhart costume I had on hand from last year’s Halloween!

2. Pioneer Pullover / Pirate

halloween costumes

The Pioneer Pullover features a tie up the front, making it perfect for dressing up as a pirate this season. We loved having it around on Talk like a Pirate Day!

3. Groovy Necklace / Hippie

halloween costumes

Interweave Crochet Fall 2017 features an entire series of projects devoted to the ’70s! If you want to dress up as a hippie this holiday, just grab some bell-bottom pants, rose-colored sunglasses, a tie-dye shirt, and the pattern for the Groovy Necklace!

4. Monarch Shawl / Butterfly

Monarch Shawl

Want to dress up as a butterfly, but you don’t want to deal with wings all day? Whip up this butterfly shawl! Wear it with black and an antennae headband and you have an instant costume.

5. Mermaid Beach Blanket / The Little Mermaid

The Mermaid Beach Blanket looks just like a mermaid’s tail! Pair it with the Coral Bikini pattern from the same issue and you are a completely crocheted mermaid!

6. Graphic Ornaments / Christmas Tree

One year, my sister was a Christmas tree for Halloween. Genius. She wore brown pants, a green shirt, and a star headband. She wrapped herself in battery-powered Christmas lights and used safety pins to attach a collection of Christmas ornaments. Crochet these ornaments and you’ll be set for both holidays!

7. My Crown / Prince or Princess

Every prince or princess needs a crown. This one will work up fast and add the perfect crochet touch to a prince or princess outfit.

8. Filigree Sunshield / Mary Poppins

An umbrella/parasol is just what you need to top off a Mary Poppins costume. If you want to add more crochet to the outfit, attach red crochet flowers to your hat or make a red crochet bow tie.

9. Lady Knight Balaclava / Joan of Arc

Dressing up as a strong female warrior this year? You’ll need this Balaclava. Not only is it far more comfortable than the chainmail version, it will help keep you warm if the weather turns nasty.

10. Crimson Cape / Red Riding Hood

Stay cozy and warm in this red cape for an adventure into the woods. With simple single crochet stitches, you can add a hood with ease and be ready to play Little Red Riding Hood.

11. Claudia’s Capelet / Poison Ivy

If you are feeling especially villainous this season, dress up as Poison Ivy from Batman and the DC comics series. Make this capelet in a bright green color, and then you’ll just need to figure out how to turn your hair red.

12. Mountain Forest Cardigan / The Big Lebowski

While the Forest Mountain Cardigan is far more stylish than the Big Lebowski’s vintage sweater, there are some similarities. Wear it with sunglasses, pajama pants, and a bag for your bowling ball and people will figure it out. Drink White Russians all night and answer every question with, “the Dude abides,” and there will be no question who you are.

13. Apple Tote / Snow White

The apple is the most important part of the Snow White story, and the most commonly forgotten part of the costume. Whip up this Apple Tote so your costume is complete.

14. Faylinn Tea Cups / Mad Hatter

Every Mad Hatter costume from Alice in Wonderland needs a teacup as a prop. A crochet teacup is a far easier prop to carry all night than a breakable one. Try this pattern as a fun accessory to complete your costume!

15. Lady Sybil Cloche / Flapper

A flapper costume is a classic for Halloween. This cloche pattern can be made in any color to match your flapper outfit. To add some flair to your costume, stick a feather in the hat. Tuck your hair up inside the cloche for the classic bob haircut.

Can you think of any more crochet patterns perfect for Halloween? How have you used crochet to enhance your costume? Let us know in the comments below!

-Sara Dudek
Associate editor, Interweave Crochet

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