Wrap Yourself in Crochet



My favorite thing about crochet is the way it can work in so many dimensions to create original shapes and designs. Kristin Omdahl's book Wrapped in Crochet is a celebration of this unique-to-crochet property.



She uses her hook and some innovative shaping techniques to create amazing and unpredictable new looks, and pays homage to some classic techniques, such as hairpin and broomstick lace and Tunisian crochet.
With 18 patterns—along with a comprehensive guide and diagrams—this book has everything you need to make a scarf, wrap, or shawl for any occasion.

If you'd like a taste test, the Stella Wrap circular shawl is available for free download at Knitting Daily here, and Kristin talks about her book and this gorgeous shawl in particular on Knitting Daily TV here.

Once you've had that irresistible morsel, head to the bottom of the page for more! You may find me there, too, chipping away at my holiday gift queue. (It's never too early to start!)

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