Wrap Up Gifts for Others and Yourself

I still have a sweater, a shrug and a hat on my must-make-before-the-holiday list.

What I'm dreaming about, though, is crocheting a big swath of fabric to snuggle up in. The swath I find most enticing is the Sunset Ruana from the Winter 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet. This ruana is delicious both in the making and in the wearing (I've tried on the actual Sunset Ruana, so I can vouch for its yumminess. And I've worked up a swatch of the engaging Tunisian entrelac, so I know about the yumminess of making it as well.)

I took a few minutes to troll through the Interweave store to see what I could find for you to dream about. And just in case you have a few gifts to wrap up for others first, I've picked out some of my favorite fast patterns. Then for the dreamers—and those of you whose gifts are wrapped up—I've picked out a few slow patterns to wrap yourself in (you can wrap up the pattern for yourself and start on it right after the holidays).


Orphan Scarf
Doris Chan

This is the fastest scarf ever. Named for the "orphan" balls of sock yarn that we can accumulate, this scarf is worked very loosely, then stretched into scarf shape. It's very versatile in the wearing, as well; it can be worn skinny, fat or somewhere in between, with a glamorous flare at the ends. Start at the beginning of Ice Road Truckers, and by the time Lisa finishes her run, you'll be done. It's that fast.

Boteh Scarf
Kathy Merrick

OK, I know I've pointed out this scarf before. I can't help it. It's a great, great scarf. I like to make it in a color-changing sock yarn. You can also make it in DK or worsted, with different size effects. It's not as super-fast as the Orphan Scarf, but the pattern is addictive so you'll be done pretty quickly. (By the way, both the Orphan Scarf and the Boteh Scarf are bundled into the Best of 2010 Shawls, Scarves and Stoles eBook, along with the pretty-darn-fast Striped Scarf and headband by Annie Modesitt. See below to find out how to click your way to this book.)


Waffle Lattice Shawl
Elin Nybo

This is likely the fastst shawl you can make. It's made up of crochet chains that are felted. The crochet couldn't be simpler; the magic happens in the felting. Make it in an evening, then felt it and Voila! You are done! It's just the right weight for a little cover, and its elegance belies its simplicity.

Katrina Shawl
Lisa Pflug

This gorgeous shawl is made holding two strands of kid mohair together; the colors change from motif to motif to achieve a gradual color change. The basic motif is easy enough, but it takes some time to make enough and join them (as you go) to make the full, lovely shawl. You can modify this to make a scarf. You'll find it in the Winter 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet.

Shape-Shifting Shawl
Tracy St. John

This frothy confection calls for a bit of time investment. Worked in laceweight, it converts from a shawl to a shrug with the help of little buttons. Just the thing if you have some fancy events coming up.

So what's on your dream list? If you don't find it here, cruise around the store and find the thing that makes you dream. And stop by Facebook or Crochet Me to let us know what it is.


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