Woven seams


Place pieces side by side on a flat surface, right sides facing you and the edges lined up row by row or stitch by stitch. 

Step 1: Secure seaming yarn on wrong side of piece A at start of seam. Pass needle to right side at bottom of first stitch. 

Step 2: Put needle through bottom of first stitch of piece B and pass it up to right side again at top of stitch (or in stitch above, if you’re working in single crochet). 

Step 3: Put needle through bottom of first stitch of piece A, exactly where you previously passed needle to right side, and bring needle to right side at top of same stitch. 

Step 4: Put needle through piece B where you previously passed needle to right side, and bring needle to right side at the top of same or next stitch. 

Step 5: Put the needle through piece A, where you previously passed needle to right side, and bring needle through to right side at top of stitch. Repeat Steps 4 and 5, gently tightening seam as you go, being careful not to distort fabric. Allow rows to line up but don’t make seam tighter than edges themselves. Edges will roll to the wrong side of work. Secure end of seaming yarn.


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