World UFO Day: Get Lost in Your Own Craft Space

When considering World UFO Day, it’s easy to fall in line with all of our craft-minded friends who might assume this has something to do with Unfinished Objects. But the world did not set aside a day for our neglected projects. Instead, it’s a celebration of imagination and possibility. And that got us thinking deeper… isn’t crafting an exercise in imagination and possibility?

Each time you pick up a new project, surely you must have vision. You must focus power on the idea of how the final item will look on you, or on the person that you are crocheting for. The focus breeds productivity, the productivity feeds the vision, and the vision eventually becomes reality as your hook lands on the final stitch. Our parallel ends here. You will reach the finish line and the item that morphed from imagined thing to real thing will exist in the world. Do UFOs exist in our world? It is clearly up to the believer.

What we here at Interweave know about you, our crochet audience, is that you believe in the handmade life. Being a maker takes time and thoughtfulness. We like that about you. Using one’s time to create breeds solace, and engenders a feeling of community.

Crafting improves our self-efficacy, or how we feel about performing particular tasks. Psychologists believe a strong sense of self-efficacy is key to how we approach new challenges and overcome disappointments in life. So realizing you can, in fact, crochet a sweater for your nephew can help you tackle the next big paper your teacher assigns. – CNN

Celebrate World UFO Day

In the name of bringing imagination and possibility to the fore, we would love for you to get started on your own little UFO – but just be sure it doesn’t become a UFO! Get it?

Dana Bincer, Associate Editor of Love of Crochet and Interweave Crochet conjured this charming amigurumi project just for our audience. We know you love a bit of whimsy – that’s another thing we like about you.

And perhaps on World UFO Day you are moved to take stock of the “real” UFOs in your life. Review your project queue. Which item is craving the hook? Decide for yourself and get back on track! The satisfaction of finishing will only take you further.

Happy World UFO Day from Crochet Corner!

Download and crochet your own UFO Amigurumi Spacecraft.

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(Header Image: Greg MacNicol | Getty Images)

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