Working Into Ribbon Yarn: How Does She Do That?

In the Spring 2013 Issue of Interweave Crochet, we use a lot of yarns with constructions that you may not have used before: chainette, ribbon, ladder. One such yarn is this wonderfully chunky ribbon yarn called Opus from Universal Yarns. Lily Chin uses this yarn to great effect in the Cancan Collar:

Here’s  a closer look at the unique construction of this yarn and how Lily worked with it.


As you can see, the yarn has a little ladder-like space at the bottom.

Begin by working a base round of single crochet. Next, you will work what Lily calls a “joining single crochet”, where you work through both the single crochet of the regular yarn and one of the ladder-spaces of the ribbon yarn.

First, insert your hook through the single crochet of the main yarn, then into the ladder-space of the ribbon yarn. Yarn over and pull up a loop through both the ribbon yarn and the single crochet. Yarn over and draw through two loops to complete the joining single crochet. Repeat all the way around.

What you’ll end up with should look like this; a perfect little round of ladder spaces that act to gather the yarn into the “cha-cha” shape.

Want to work with more unique yarns? Pick up the Spring issue of Interweave Crochet today!

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